BBC R4 presenter portrays response to violent rioting as “attack”

The July 23rd edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Today’ included an item (from 02:51:43 here) concerning an incident which had taken place the previous night. In her introduction, presenter Martha Kearney described the alleged shooting of a Palestinian youth during violent rioting that included the use of IEDs, rocks, petrol bombs and grenades as an “attack”. [emphasis in bold added]

Kearney: “Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian teenager during a raid in the West Bank. Tom Bateman is our Middle East correspondent and Tom – tell us a bit more about this attack.”

Bateman: “Well this was the Deheishe refugee camp. It’s a big refugee camp in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli military went in for a raid during the night – I mean these are things that happen frequently. They say they’re often looking for suspects or for weapons manufacturing sites.”

Readers may recall that in May the BBC failed to report the murder of an Israeli soldier during such an operation in another location. Tom Bateman did not clarify to listeners that the places he described as “occupied” – Bethlehem and the Deheishe camp – have been under Palestinian Authority control for well over two decades. He continued:

Bateman: “They went into the camp looking for two people. They say this triggered clashes The Israelis say that they came under fire with rocks and firebombs and grenades and say they responded using live fire. And in that incident a 15 year-old boy was shot in the chest and died. His name was Arkan Mezher. Following that there were some protests; residents of the camp marching to the local government hospital.”

Bateman failed to inform listeners that the incident is under investigation or that the youth was wrapped in the flag of the PFLP terror faction at his funeral.

Martha Kearney went on:

Kearney: “And this comes at a time of increased tensions throughout the region.”

Once again the BBC avoided informing its audiences that Staff Sgt. Aviv Levi was killed by a Palestinian sniper.

Bateman: “Well this is the West bank and I mean there has been, you know, increasing simmering tension on the Gaza boundary between Gaza and Israel. At the…on Friday there was yet another flare-up – really the third in a couple of months – between Hamas in Gaza and Israel. There was an Israeli soldier who was shot dead near to the fence. Israel then responded with a wave of airstrikes killing four Palestinians and I mean at the time the UN envoy to the region Nickolay Mladenov was warning that Gaza was on the brink of war. Now over the weekend there seems to have been a relative calm restored but yes; I think the context is about heightened tension.”

Bateman likewise failed to clarify that at least three of those “four Palestinians” were members of Hamas’ militia or that Palestinians subsequently launched three rockets into Israeli territory.

Kearney: “Relative calm and what about ceasefires?”

Bateman: “Well a ceasefire was announced by Hamas on the early hours of Saturday morning. There has been mediation by Egyptian intelligence, by the United Nations. I mean Israel never really comments on these ceasefires but clearly there appears to be some kind of agreement that does for the time being seem to be holding.”

Bateman of course made no effort to inform listeners that Hamas’ July 20th announcement of a ceasefire came just six days after the previous one it announced – and broke.  

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12 comments on “BBC R4 presenter portrays response to violent rioting as “attack”

  1. Not sure if this is of interest but this week’s Book of the Week on Radio 4 is pure Palestinian propaganda.

    Anthony Lustigman.

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  2. Biased reporting, inverted reporting, reporting by omission, altering the maps, moving borders, forgetting who controls what and lastly down right lies, The BBCs anti-Israel and often anti-Semitic stance on many subjects, where even cookery programs have anti israel rhetoric injected into them, all techniques used by the BBC to denigrate the citizens of Israel comprising of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai, Druze and Bedouins. Stop the BBC’s anti-Israel bias.

  3. It’s a strange sort of Palestinian control that gives the IDF free access to arrest and kill.

    • Except that access was granted by Oslo. Of course, you want to hold Israel to its agreements and not the Palestinians. Not all strange for you.

      • The question is not whether Oslo gave Israel such powers but whether Palestine can be said to have control in these circumstances; obviously not I would suggest.

  4. Obviously sencar does not understand the situation – the PA has authority over internal civil matters but obviously not on affairs that threaten security of the state – such as weapons-making, drug distribution, terrorist planning, etc. If that were left to the PA, conflict would soon break out and Israel would eventually remove the PA.

    • Just imagine for a second what Israel’s attitude would be to an ‘authority’ over their land that allowed Egyptian or Saudi troops to walk into Tel Aviv to arrest and kill as they fancy. Your attitude is reminiscent of the worst sort of colonialism.

      • Back to the same old rabid answer of colonialism that is such a dumb argument I cannot tell you how stupid you look resorting to that, it is a futile attempt to win an argument that is non existent. The terms Judea & Samaria date back to Biblical times and appear numerous times in the Old and also the New Testament. The 1947 partition plan borders of the UN used the terms Judea and Samaria. You can find them in many books. There could not possibly have been colonialism as when the UK ruled this area they were mandated to do so hence no colonialism. And if we are discussing names, like the lythicla press generated West Bank, which suddenly appeared following the capture and annexing of this area by Jordon in 1949, the very same area that was promised in 1922 to become Israel. Indeed throughout the 1920s, the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate requested to be termed Southern Syrians and that “Palestine”, actually “Southern Syria” be joined to the French mandate over Syria. So this BS about colonialism does not stand the litmus test. Get yourself an education rather than a BDS manual it will serve you better.

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