BBC ignores British links to failed ‘flotilla’ agitprop

Late last month we noted that a small propaganda ‘flotilla’ bound for the Gaza Strip was expected to arrive in the region around the end of July.

The first boat was intercepted on July 29th.

“The Israeli Navy on Sunday stopped a boat that was trying to break the maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip and started to tow the vessel to the port in Ashdod.

The “Freedom Flotilla” group said that the boat had been “seized” and that the ship had received a warning from the navy prior to the interception. […]

“The forces made it clear to the boat that it was violating the blockade and that any humanitarian supplies [it is carrying] can be delivered to Gaza through the port of Ashdod,” the military said in a statement. “The activity ended without any unusual incidents. The boat is being towed to the port of Ashdod at this time.””

The ‘medical supplies’ that the organisers claimed the boat was carrying amounted to this:

photo credit: COGAT

On August 4th it was announced that the second boat had been intercepted.

“The IDF announced Saturday morning that it had stopped a boat attempting to break the maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip. The military said in a statement that there were no “exceptional events” during the course of the incident, and that the boat was towed to port in Ashdod. […]

The flotilla was organized by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, an umbrella of organizations aiming to end the closure of Gaza, and set sail from the Danish port of Copenhagen. […]

The flotilla’s two-month journey saw the ships stopping off at several European ports to take part in activities supporting the Palestinians’ so-called “March of Return.””

The link between the flotilla and the ‘Great Return March’ is of course not coincidental: as noted here previously, one of the organisers of both those publicity stunts is UK-based Zaher Birawi who, as the Jerusalem Post reports, “was designated as a member of a terrorist organization – Hamas Headquarters in Europe – by Israel’s Justice Ministry in 2013”.

Despite the connections of the British based activist to a potentially incendiary publicity stunt staged by an organisation with links to more than one terror group,  the BBC apparently did not consider this story to be of interest even to its domestic audiences – which of course include British MPs and Peers who have in the past been briefed by Zaher Birawi on topics such as “violence in the occupied territories” or attended events in Parliament put on by one of the other organisations with which he is involved.




8 comments on “BBC ignores British links to failed ‘flotilla’ agitprop

  1. Duvidl loves the COGAT photo of the derisory amount of medical supplies bound for the 1.79 million people in the Gaza Strip (Wikipedia).

    Possibly the propaganda flotilla could recycle the four single-use plastic bags on the trolley in conformity with mainstream media green campaigns and British law, forcing UK stores to charge them out at 5 pence per bag. This might help alleviate the environmental disaster caused by all the tyres burned on the Gaza border last month and the firebomb kites sent over.

  2. Love the COGAT photo of the medical supplies trolley. Hardly enough for the propaganda flotilla crew, let alone the 1.79million people in the Gaza strip (Wikipedia).

  3. Everyone should hear what the brilliant Katie Hopkins has to say about the BBC’s treacherous anti-Israel propaganda. Go to

  4. It has been taken down Grimey, now nothing but an exclamation mark, this is how the BBC tolerate criticism, in short they don’t, they shut it down which is why their complaints procedure is impossible to work your way through

  5. Great to see the picture of the “medical supplies” these clowns were bringing to Gaza.

    I think we might have more in our medicine cabinet at home. So obviously a fig-leaf for their failed propaganda effort.

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