BBC’s Donnison again conceals source of UN Gaza casualty figures

The August 5th evening edition of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘Newshour‘ included an item (from 00:45:00 here) that was introduced by presenter Jon Donnison as follows:

Donnison: “The tension on Gaza’s boundary with Israel continues to simmer, as it has done now for months. Doctors in the Palestinian territory say a 15 year-old boy shot by Israeli soldiers is the latest to die. Muadh al-Suri was among thousands of Palestinian demonstrators who gathered at the border on Friday to protest Israel’s occupation.”

Unsurprisingly, Donnison did not bother to inform listeners that what he described as protests by “demonstrators” were actually violent riots with some 8,000 participants that included a breach of the border fence as well as arson attacks and attacks with IEDs and petrol bombs. Neither did he bother to clarify that Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip 13 years ago and in this context “Israel’s occupation” means Israel’s existence. Listeners were not told that Muadh al-Suri was photographed wrapped in a Hamas flag and headband at his funeral.

Donnison went on:

Donnison: “The Israeli military says Hamas miltants seeking to launch attacks across the border use the regular mass demonstrations there as cover. This year, the United Nations says more than 160 Palestinians have been killed in the clashes, with thousands more injured, putting enormous strain on Gaza’s hospitals. But as Paul Adams discovered on a recent visit to Gaza, health workers are worried about something much more long-term: the deteriorating mental health of the area’s nearly two million people.”

As we see, Donnison yet again cited “United Nations” figures without clarifying to listeners that they are sourced from the same terror group which organises the ‘Great Return March’ agitprop and hence has a vested interest in amplifying casualty figures.

The report by Paul Adams that Donnison was introducing is actually the same one that was aired on BBC Radio 4 on July 25th and which was discussed here.

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9 comments on “BBC’s Donnison again conceals source of UN Gaza casualty figures

  1. This is a wonderful example of inaccurate writing. how highly ironic.
    The boy was shot and then was dead from those shots. Was the boy engaged in violent riots? No information it is merely sufficient to say it occurred and infer he was.
    Same again about breaching the fence.

    His family had some stuff on his body at his funeral. So what? Did this boy have a record of terrorism? Is this merely another example of some-one being murdered because they belong to an organisation. In this case yet again another inference.

    Lastly we are told not to believe death figures coming out of the Health ministry. Why is this? Wow the Heath Ministry is under the aegis of the ‘ Government’ there.
    The Health ministry is well capable of determining who is dead and who is not. As i have said previously they do not have the requisite skills to tell us how they were killed however.


    • Boy you really have no concept of what a dictatorship is do you, one which controls the media reporting, by making the reporters sign a document they probably cannot even read, by vetting every news report exiting the enclave, never letting a negative word be reported about the so called ‘government’ indeed never mentioning their name. One which controls the output of news media to the extent of massaging the casualty figures by making people tell lies about the death of their baby and paying them to do so. The blatent bias of BBC reporting is there for the world to see, this peaceful march of return is just a cover to exploit the oppressed citizens of Gaza, the opportunity to agitate, burn tyres, launch fire kites, destroy wildlife, conservation areas, crops and if possible infiltrate the border, there is nothing peaceful about it except in your blind eyes.

  2. If the residents in Gaza would adopt a grown-up attitude towards their situation – instead of acting as sheep to their murderous Hamas overlords, the peace process would be simple. But the chance of that happening is rather small – due to reasons that I will not list.

  3. Why is Donnison allowed back to report about Israel /pal , i thought he was shipped out to Australia where the rest of the middle east reporters should probably be


    • I assume CHESNA is referring to the Palestinians in which case they need to change their mantra of hatred, death to Jews and the destruction of Israel,t heir whole indoctrination is based upon death rather than life

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