A story BBC audiences are unlikely to be told

In the numerous reports concerning Ahed Tamimi that have been produced by the BBC since last December audiences have seen her described as “a prominent child activist“, a “star on social media”, “a modern-day Joan of Arc“, “a symbol of resistance to Israeli occupation“, “a national icon” and “the new iconic face of Palestinian resistance“.

BBC audiences have also been told that Tamimi is to be seen as “standing up to the reality of Israeli occupation, defending her home with her bare hands” and “standing up to armed soldiers on occupied land” and that her aim is “to resist the occupation“.

It is considerably less likely that BBC audiences will be informed of a video message – aired on a Lebanese TV station – made recently by Ahed Tamimi in which she saluted the head of the terrorist organisation Hizballah, saying:

“To the honorable sheikh, Hassan Nasrallah, I say: Thank you very much. I wish you a happy holiday. His words boosted our morale – not just my morale, but the morale of many people, because I represent the people. I’m not just representing myself, but the people and the cause. This was in support of the entire Palestinian people, not just me. I’d like to salute him, to thank him for his support, and to tell him that he always makes us grow stronger. We all support him and are proud of him.” (translation by MEMRI)

Of course as far as the criminal and terrorist organisation Hizballah is concerned, the whole of Israel is ‘occupied land’ and an ‘entity’ which it aims to ‘obliterate’.

Given her expression of “support” for Nasrallah, obviously the BBC needs to clarify exactly what it means the next time it tells its audiences that Ahed Tamimi ‘resists the occupation’.

9 comments on “A story BBC audiences are unlikely to be told

  1. Just exactly what don’t you like of what she actually said. You haven’t said but in clear goebbelsian tones you imply something dark and sinister. Your link to her expression of support was a complete furphy. what do we get a newspaper article that says nothing that you haven’t or perhaps more accurately you haven’t said what was already in the Newspaper.

    As far as propaganda goes this is pretty poor

  2. It is not progaganda telling the truth, a truth which it seems the BBC do not wish to report, even though it is their remit to do so. This ‘child activist’ who is no child, who pledges her support for a terrorist group and a terrorist leader on Lebanese TV for all to see and that is a furphy a rumour? what newspaper are you referring to? the BBC do not produce newspapers are you unable to make any sensible comment?

    • oh dear you and your comprehension problems.Your link means I am referring to a link which is a newspaper.

      you are the same as the writer. What are you criticisng of what the child said.
      you too have not stated that.

      • A post on a blog is not a link, ergo nothing wrong with my comprehension only yours, there is no newspaper involved, inhale less

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