Happy New Year!

Wishing all our readers celebrating Rosh HaShana a happy, healthy, peaceful and sweet New Year.


2 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. L’shana tova Hadar!

    The BBC doesn’t wish us a happy new year, instead it reminds us that it’s the Muslim new year… and also the Javanese New Year.

    For the many, not the Jew! :-/

    Five things to know for the week ahead

    4) Happy new year

    What’s happening?

    The first day of the Islamic New Year will fall for most Muslims on Tuesday (as it is a lunar calendar, its start depends on sightings of the new moon).

    Why is this important?

    The date marks the start of the second holiest month in the calendar for the world’s almost two billion Muslims, after Ramadan. In many countries, it means a days-long national holiday.

    It commemorates the date in the year 622 AD when the Prophet Muhammad began his journey from Mecca to Medina to establish the first Islamic state.

    Among the first countries to celebrate will be Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, where the Javanese New Year will also begin.

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