BBC ECU publishes ‘Alternativity’ complaint finding

In July the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) informed BBC Watch that it had upheld one of the three points made in a complaint concerning a BBC Two Christmas 2017 programme titled ‘Alternativity‘.

BBC’s ECU upholds part of BBC Watch ‘Alternativity’ complaint – part one

As noted at the time:

“According to further communication with the ECU, that finding “will be published in due course on the complaints pages of“. BBC Watch does not know what the BBC considers to be “due course” after it has taken over six months for a point rejected at stages 1a and 1b to be upheld by the ECU.”

Two months later – and over nine months after the complaint was originally submitted – that finding now appears on the BBC News website.


2 comments on “BBC ECU publishes ‘Alternativity’ complaint finding

  1. Well congratulations for sticking at it, many of us have given up at stage one, it feels like a losing battle fighting a large rabid antisemitic, anti Israel corporation like the BBC who daily pump out their biased reporting to the general public. I note there is not a mention on the BBC news or website of the two thousand strong North West Friends of Israel rally against antisemitism in Manchester yesterday, attended by numerous MPs and prominant people like the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and BOD President Marie van der Zyle. The BBC is blatently antisemitic itself so no longer reports anything remotely positive about us Jews, it is fast becoming a pro-Islamic fascist corporation. Stop the BBC bias against Israel and the Jews

  2. You were lucky not to be fobbed off with the ruling I got from the ECU when I complained about John Humphrey’s statement on the Today programme that the words ‘priest’ and ‘paedophile’ were almost synonymous. The ECU ruled that there was no cause for complaint as the average listener would not have been misled by the statement.

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