Mainstreaming the eradication of Israel concept on BBC Two

On October 17th the producers of the BBC Two programme ‘Newsnight‘ thought it would be a good idea to bring a person the BBC knows to be a terror supporter into the studio to talk about the Khashoggi affair.

At 3:05 minutes into the interview with Azzam Tamimi, presenter Evan Davis widened the topic of discussion: [emphasis in italics in the original, emphasis in bold added]

Davis: “I hear everything you’re saying but the standards of the region are not high, are they? And there are people on your side of the argument – you support Hamas, you’re a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – people on your side of the argument of course who do cruel things, assassinations. These are not techniques that are kind of, you know, unique to the Saudis.”

Tamimi: “Are you accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of doing this?”

Davis: “No, but Hamas certainly.”

Tamimi:  “The Muslim Brotherhood today is paying for defending democracy. We have today forty thousand prisoners in Egyptian jails because they stood for democracy.”

Refraining from challenging Tamimi’s absurd portrayal of an Islamist movement as ‘defenders of democracy’, Davis went on:

Davis: “And Hamas of course, in its struggle against Fatah and against Israel…”

Tamimi: “No; Hamas is a national liberation movement. Hamas is struggling for liberation of Palestine which is occupied by the Zionists. But that’s a different issue. Let’s not confuse issues.”

Davis: “Well I don’t want to…I don’t want to get in there but I was just wanting to make that point.”

Not only did Davis not “make that point” but his introduction of the unrelated and irrelevant topic of Hamas actually served no purpose other than to provide Tamimi with a cue for an inaccurate portrayal of Hamas and its aims which went completely unquestioned by Davis.

Like Hamas, Azzam Tamimi’s definition of ‘occupation’ includes every square metre of Israel. And thus – with no challenge whatsoever from the BBC’s presenter – an extremist terror supporter got a free pass to mainstream the concept that the eradication of the Jewish state is ‘liberation’ on prime time British television.

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5 comments on “Mainstreaming the eradication of Israel concept on BBC Two

  1. Tamimi: “The Muslim Brotherhood today is paying for defending democracy. We have today forty thousand prisoners in Egyptian jails because they stood for democracy.”

    Just hilarious. Sad that the BBC doesn’t challenge this. The MB, when it had power in Egypt, wanted to reintroduce the Muslim tax on non Muslims. (Coptic Christians were the clear target). Goes to the very heart of democratic values about equality.

  2. What a load of BS. Since when was Islam based upon democracy, indeed for the last 50 years, all we have heard from Islamic countries like Iran is that Islam is coming to to the West to wipe out democracy and replace it with Sharia. The BBC and Tamimi must think that the UK is full of ignorant and gullible people to try and peddle this kind of a story to the mainstream public. Of course there are still the racist Corbynistas who will swallow this kind of twaddle hook line and sinker. Only the rabidly anti-Israel Davis could sit through such propaganda without challenging it. Stop the BBC bias against Israel

  3. Hi Hadar

    Evan Davis is well known for’straying’ into non friendly Israel rhetoric

    I once complained against him due to a very biased interview with Tzipi Livni but didn’t get very far. Mind you, I was a rookie complainer then

    Davis is leaving newsnight soon so there may be an improvement to this program

    Hope all is well with you




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