Revisiting BBC messaging on the Balfour Declaration

This time last year, the BBC’s generous multi-platform coverage of the Balfour Declaration centenary had just come to an end.

As documented in our subsequent overview of the relevant BBC content:

“Most of that BBC content adopted and amplified PLO framing of the Balfour Declaration as an ‘injustice’ and advanced the notion that Britain should apologise for the century-old document.

Only five items out of the fourteen accurately informed BBC audiences that the Balfour Declaration’s ‘second part’ – which was for the most part presented as being ‘incomplete’ and ‘unfinished business’ – specifically refers to the “civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities” rather than, as was inaccurately claimed in the rest of the content, rights in general. […]

The narrative of the Balfour Declaration as ‘colonialism’ and an act that Britain had no right to carry out was repeatedly advanced in many of these items, as was the claim that the British government should take a stand against ‘settlements’. The anti-Israel BDS campaign was promoted in two of the items.

The notion that Palestinians were ‘dispossessed’ of ‘their land’ by the Balfour Declaration and that the document was the cause of the ‘Nakba’ was repeatedly promoted in many of these reports. In four of the items BBC audiences were given inaccurate portrayals of the McMahon correspondence and the false notion that the land assigned to creation of a homeland for the Jewish people had already been promised to the Arabs by the British was promoted.”

Readers can revisit all that BBC coverage here



4 comments on “Revisiting BBC messaging on the Balfour Declaration

  1. The British Biased Corporation base the education of their audience on the myth that if you repeat a lie enough times and frame it in different ways using different media, some people will actually start to believe it. Unfortunately to some extent this is true as has been seen in the actions of UNWRA who educate Palestinian children from birth to hate and kill Jews. Repetitive amplification of their distorted view of events following the first world war are no different. Stop the BBC bias against israel

  2. The comments made by the BBC which are so obviously prejudiced against the rights
    of Jews as set out in the Balfour Declaration are a travesty of the truth,unfair and unbalanced. They strike at people who have been persecuted for centuries. The irony is that the BBC Editors responsible do all this behind a camouflaged smokescreen and
    they are ‘ FACELESS’. They protect themselves against complaints and do not accept criticism. WOULD THEY EVER HAVE THE COURAGE TO REVEAL WHO THEY ARE ?.

  3. All that the Balfour Declaration accomplished in the end was to return a portion of a historical homeland to one indigenous group that had long been dispossessed. All other indigenous peoples in the region were returned to the subjugation of the imperial Arab conquerors who had themselves been under the centuries long rule of their Turkish co-religionists. Somehow we are supposed to believe that no more than 30 years of direct European colonialism in the region proved far more deleterious to the Arabs and their ability to form civil societies than over 400 years of autocratic Ottoman rule. Apparently, opposition to the Jewish state requires a fair amount of intellectual dysfunction.
    Today, and notwithstanding complaints about Sykes-Picot, some 99.75% of the lands of the former Ottoman Empire are ruled by Arabs, The remaining 0.25% represents the Jewish nationstate of Israel where, uniquely, Arabs and Christians benefit from rights otherwise unknown in the region.

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