Antisemitic smear in BBC employee’s HMD tweet

On Holocaust Memorial Day – January 27th – the results of a survey showing among other things that 5% of UK adults do not believe that the Holocaust happened were published by the UK’s Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

In a Tweet relating to that survey BBC employee Masoud Behnoud wrote (as confirmed by a professional translator):

“This [lack of knowledge about the Holocaust] happens in a situation where the financial and political power of Jews has been publicising/promoting it [i.e. knowledge about the Holocaust] for half a century.” [emphasis added]

As we have unfortunately had cause to note here on numerous occasions in the past, the BBC has editorial guidelines on the personal use of social media.

While those guidelines do not include any specific mention of the topic of the promotion of antisemitic themes on microblogs run by BBC employees – apparently because the BBC does not expect to be employing people who engage in that or any other form of racism – they do state that people “identified as a BBC staff member or BBC talent…should not post derogatory or offensive comments on the Internet”.

Despite promoting his own BBC programmes in his timeline, Masoud Behnoud however does not identify himself as a BBC employee in his Twitter profile.



4 comments on “Antisemitic smear in BBC employee’s HMD tweet

  1. Symptomatic of a distorted attitude and underlying deep hatred towards the Jewish people in the BBC. I always upheld the corporationand disliked the Rupert Murdoch empire. But it is becoming so distorted these days I am wondering whether reform is needed. There is no longer any pretence at balance. We have seen this over the Brexit debate. .
    Emotive words, nasty assumptions negative references to anyrhing they don’t like. Excessive derision over people like Donald Trump. All that underlined by a real sense of superiority. Perhaps it should be broken up. Big step that I would once have opposed. Now I wonder. Especially when people speak as this guy does

  2. Well certainly the fox is looking after the hen house at this organization, but the fox does not even manage to follow a single rule as mandated in the royal charter, whether discussing home affairs or foreign affairs. If a name change was deemed appropriate I would suggest (AIBC) Anarchist Indoctrination Broadcasting Centre. Stop the BBC bias against Israel.

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