The BBC ‘expert’ contributor and the UK Hizballah designation

Here are some tweets from a person obviously not pleased by the British Home Secretary’s decision to classify Hizballah as a terrorist group.

If the name of the writer of those Tweets sounds familiar, that may be because Sharmine Narwani – formerly of Oxford University’s St Anthony’s College – has appeared in BBC content in the past and some of her contributions are still available online.

As was noted here in 2013:

“In addition to some aggressive anti-Americanism, Narwani peddles anti-Israel, pro Assad,  pro-Iranian regime and pro-Hizballah rhetoric.  As well as having blogged at the Huffington Post – until her pro-Assad stance apparently became too much – Narwani has written for the Guardian and the pro-Hizballah/pro-Assad Lebanese outlet Al Akhbar English.

She also appears to have something of an affinity with antisemitic conspiracy theorists, writing for the ‘Veterans Today‘ website – which has links, via its editor, to Iran’s Press TV – and its sister site ‘Veterans News Now’ as well as – according to her Twitter account – recently appearing on Rense Radio.”

As we see the person variously portrayed by the BBC as a “Middle East expert”, a “journalist” and a “political commentator” is also a dab hand at offensive racist slurs.

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4 comments on “The BBC ‘expert’ contributor and the UK Hizballah designation

  1. A very vulgar person of whom I would have nothing to do with but she did make one good point. Hizballah is no threat to to the UK . Any terrorism is directed to Israel.
    It threatens no-one else. They and Israel ( and Hamas for that matter) have a claytons war. It is the war you have when you do not have one.
    That is the only way they will fight.
    I have said it before thanks your stars they are nowhere near as deadly as the Jewish terrorist groups of the late 1940s.
    quite ironically all three had/have similar aims.
    I find it impossible that either hizballah or Hamas though will achieve theirs.

  2. It has nothing to do with them not being a threat to the UK it is more to do with the fact that the UK until now has allowed these flags to be openly waved on the streets of the UK, and allowing these people to show their support for terrorist organisations on the streets of London. Allowed them to plot from the UK, the attacks on democracies elsewhere. The Iranian backed Hamas, Hizballah and the PLO have all openly called for the destruction of Israel and Iran has openly called for the destruction of the Western civilisations in Europe the UK and USA. Why should anyone be allowed to show them support, if Sharmine Narwani who has such deep feelings for her terrorist buddies Hizballah, why does she not get out of the UK and go and fight, plot and scheme with them in Iran, Syria or Lebanon. The BBC should be ashamed of themselves having previously given a platform to this ‘expert contributer’ and supporter of terrorists. Stop the BBC bias

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  4. Hear, Hear to Neil C – The only good that comes from the BBC’s efforts to get rid of Israel is that IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN – and they are wasting the money they receive from Iran and their own resources.

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