BBC News promotes a claim it previously amended in February

Some three hours after Hizballah had attacked an army base and a military vehicle with guided anti-tank missiles near Avivim on Israel’s northern border on September 1st the BBC News website published a report headlined “Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel from Lebanon”. The report opened with a description of Hizballah which avoids any mention of the fact that it is a terrorist organisation.

“The Lebanese Shia Muslim militant group Hezbollah has fired several anti-tank rockets into northern Israel in retaliation for a reported Israeli drone attack in Beirut last week.

Israeli military sources confirmed rockets had been fired at an Israeli army base and military vehicles.

The Israeli army responded by attacking targets in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah sources reported several Israeli casualties, but Israel said no-one had been injured on its side.”

The report went on to tell readers that:

“The Lebanese military earlier said an Israeli drone had entered its airspace and dropped incendiary material on a forest along the border.

The Israeli army has acknowledged it started a fire. Tensions on the frontier escalated in recent days.”

The background to those opaque statements is as follows:

“The Israeli military fired artillery shells into a disputed portion of land on the Lebanese border on Sunday, amid soaring tensions along the frontier, a Hezbollah-affiliated news outlet reported.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed conducting “activities” in northern Israel, which sparked a fire near the border, but refused to comment on the nature of those actions.”

Significantly, readers of this report were told nothing of the fact that according to UN SC resolution 1701, Hizballah should have been disarmed years ago and should not be operating south of the Litani River. Neither was any information given concerning the failure of UNIFIL ‘peacekeepers’ and the Lebanese Armed Forces to stop this latest attack by the terror group.  

Readers were told that:

“The Hezbollah attack and Israel’s response represent the most serious border incident between the two parties in recent years.”

Depending on how one defines “recent” one could of course argue that the 2015 Hizballah attack in which two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven injured was significantly more serious.

Later versions of the report closed with a portrayal of the Second Lebanon War which failed to inform audiences that Hizballah instigated that conflict.

“In 2006, Israel and Hezbollah fought a month-long conflict that killed more than 1,000 civilians, most of them Lebanese.”

Following a complaint from BBC Watch in February of this year the BBC News website amended three reports promoting a similar statement in order to clarify that the unverified claim that most of the Lebanese casualties were civilians came from the Lebanese government.

As those three reports stated, 43 Israeli civilians were killed during that conflict which means that the BBC is now claiming that at least 957 Lebanese civilians also died.

Estimates of the total number of Lebanese casualties during that 2006 war range from 1,035 to 1,200. As has been pointed out here on several previous occasions, while the Lebanese authorities did not differentiate between civilians and combatants, Lebanese officials did report even before the conflict was over that some 500 of the dead were Hizballah personnel and UN officials gave similar figures while Israeli estimates stand at around 600 (of whom 450 were identified with certainty: see page 55 here). In August 2006 the BBC News website acknowledged that “there are no reliable figures” for the number of Hizballah combatants killed in the war that had just ended at the time.

In other words, despite having acknowledged seven months ago that the civilian casualty figures it quoted were based on statements made by a government held hostage by the Iranian terrorist proxy Hizballah, the BBC News website has resumed the practice of promoting inflated Lebanese civilian casualty figures that it has not independently verified.

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9 comments on “BBC News promotes a claim it previously amended in February

  1. The BBC inflate all casualty figures when non Israeli, they also claim terrorist combatants are civilians in the same way the UN and the Palestinians do, it gets greater sympathy from the general public who swallow their total carp, hook line and sinker every time and dip still further into their pockets to support the myth of impoverished through Israeli blockage when in reality the leaders are multi millionaires through theft of the very aid sent to help the general population by the UK, EU and USA

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  3. Hezbollah is a political party significantly represented in the Lebanese Parliament. Terrorist is a label put on to Hezbollah by a small number of countries and is just an opinion. Off course this website isn’t interested in facts. Just propaganda.

    • Rubbish, the guided missiles Hezbollah fired at an army base in Israel last weekend were from a terrorist organisation hell bent on the destruction of Israel and naff all to do with politics, you idiot

      • Hezbollah has valiantly been fighting ISIS and terrorist rebels in Syria. Israel on the other hand has been killing and maiming hundreds of unarmed protesters not even on the Israeli side of the fence. How cowardly is that? I think 98% of countries in the UN know who the real terrorists really are.

        • Ah changing the subject now you have been found out supporting both terrorists and the destruction of Israel, and how many of those ahem ‘protestors’ were armed with guns IEDs machetes knives etc? Of those actually killed how many were affiliated to Hamas and Islamic Jihad and how many crossed into Israel? Hamas were organising and paying the rest to march, it is a brutal dictatorship and you are a fool whose has lost his moral compass.

        • Oh really. Why don’t you prove point? Go to that border and stand in front of the Israeli troops. It shouldn’t be a problem for you because the Palestinians on the other side of the border are “unarmed,” right?

          As for Hizbollah, they are indeed a part of the Lebanese Parliament, so it is Lebanon as a country that is responsible for what happens when they attack Israel, so stop your whining.

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