BBC News claims motive for NY stabbing attack “not clear”

On the morning of December 29th the BBC News website published a report concerning the stabbing attack at the house of a Rabbi in Monsey, NY.

That article is currently headlined “Monsey stabbing: Five people wounded at home of New York rabbi”. All eight versions published to date include the claim that the motive for the attack “was not clear”.

Apparently the BBC is unable to fathom why a masked attacker might enter the home of a Rabbi located next to a synagogue and begin randomly stabbing people.

The latest three versions of the report include the following:

“In April a gunman killed a female rabbi and wounded three people at a synagogue in San Diego.”

The murdered woman – Lori Gilbert-Kaye – was not “a female rabbi”.  


9 comments on “BBC News claims motive for NY stabbing attack “not clear”

  1. BBC news teams obviously unwilling to join the dots and call this attack for it obviously is. A two year has more integrity than a BBC reporter.

  2. I responded to the BBC directly on their “Have Your Say” pages. I suggested that, even if they felt the motive was unclear, they might still take a guess as to what it might have been – maybe Islamophobia, or gay hatred, or maybe it was a mis-directed protest about Brexit. I ended up by telling them that “However, you can bet that, if that bus explosion had happened on London Bridge, you would have called it “terrorism”.”

    The BBC Watch service is excellent – I don’t know how Hadar manages to stay sane through it all – but I feel we need to do more than just gently remind them about their reporting lapses. Complain, complain, complain.

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  4. It would appear that the BBC had not yet received instructions from Tehran as to what slant to put on this incident.

  5. Even NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, not ordinarily Jew friendly, is calling this attack a hate crime and Domestic Terrorism!

  6. Here’s the thing, since the BBC says that the motive isn’t clear, isn’t that enough to prove to everyone that the BBC is not capable of reporting the news? Seems right to me. I don’t consider that a legitimate news organization of they can’t figure what the motive was there. walkingjournalist. And Diblasi stated it was “terrorism” AND Then in the same sentence he backtracked that and said , “domestic terrorism”. Does that make you wonder why if they are not allowed to say, “Islamic terrorism ” how is it that he is allowed to say, ‘domestic terrorism”. It used to be that the liberals and the mayor demanded that we just call it …’terrorism” , now they are back to having a descriptive labeling for ‘terrorism’ . I see, does this mean that he is going to now permit the words , “islamic terrorism ” when it turns out to be that. These are legitimate questions that everyone should be asking the media and the mayor . walkingjournalist

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