Revisiting BBC reporting on Iranian ballistic missiles

Here is what the BBC News website told audiences about Iranian ballistic missiles on March 8th 2016:

And the following day:

This is a BBC News website report from January 8th 2020:

This is another BBC News website report from the same day:

Nevertheless, the BBC still does not appear to have grasped that repetition and amplification of the propaganda of totalitarian regimes does not “help people understand and engage with the world around them”.

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3 comments on “Revisiting BBC reporting on Iranian ballistic missiles

  1. From Iran’s description of the warheads, it certainly seems they meant to kill servicemen – making their complete failure to do so that much more humiliating. The “face saving” out has been apparent, Iran – in spite of its threats – actually never meant to harm US servicemen. So, in the end, it looks like Iranian revenge for Soleimani meant launching (according to a variety of sources) some sixteen missiles, four of which never detonated, for the purpose of causing damage to some random military equipment and property.

  2. Shooting down that Ukranian civil airliner shows their competence – meanwhile we never really know what arrangement over retaliations Donald has with Khameini.

  3. Just for your information as you clearly have no idea Ballistic missiles are highly accurate.
    They do not fall short of their target. They do not miss.

    Moreoever Iran clearly warned Iraq who warned the US.

    This was a token attack and Iran then provided their Trump assertions to say it was a success.

    Happy to help you with any further education

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