UK government anti-terrorism sanction disregarded by BBC News

On January 17th the UK government’s economic and financial ministry announced that its Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation had designated the entire organisation of Hizballah under the Terrorist Asset Freezing Act of 2010.

That announcement was reported by the Reuters news agency and the story was picked up by other agencies and numerous media outlets worldwide. 

Curiously, we have been unable to find any coverage of that Treasury announcement on the BBC News website’s ‘UK’ or ‘Middle East’ pages or under relevant tags such as UK government, HM Treasury, UK Finance or Hezbollah.

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2 comments on “UK government anti-terrorism sanction disregarded by BBC News

  1. Hizballah being a puppet terrorist organisation funded by Iran, and the BBC being a puppet propaganda organisation funded by Iran – they are hardly likely to report negatively on each other -even with simple truths.

  2. Nothing unusual, just yet another example and further evidence of Iranian control of the BBC Middle East News output, reporting by omission

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