A BBC journalist’s portrayal of an armed infiltration from the Gaza Strip

On the evening of January 21st an infiltration took place on the border with the Gaza Strip.

“IDF soldiers opened fire at a group infiltrating the border fence along the Gaza-Israel border on Tuesday, hitting three Palestinian suspects who used the inclement weather to hide in a wooded area near Kibbutz Kissufim.

The IDF reported that one of the terrorists hurled a grenade or an explosive charge at a force that surrounded the three.”

As local media reported, the IDF released video evidence of the infiltrator throwing the explosive device.

To date the BBC has not produced any reporting on that incident but the next morning the BBC’s Jerusalem correspondent Tom Bateman did put out three related Tweets in which he found it appropriate to focus on the age of the armed border infiltrators and unnecessarily qualify the facts of the incident using the well-worn “Israel says” formula.

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4 comments on “A BBC journalist’s portrayal of an armed infiltration from the Gaza Strip

  1. This is a downright lie. Inside Israel is not “at the fence” and they were armed with grenades and who knows WTF else. Peaceful protesters, then.

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  3. The type of garbage spewed out by Bateman is appalling, if he is not given a platform on the news or news website then he resorts to Twitter to spout his lies. The BBC is a shambolic organisation who has no control over their employees or indeed themselves and are only there to brown nose their Iranian paymasters

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