BBC’s Guerin gratuitously inserts ‘occupation’ into Holocaust remembrance coverage

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On the evening of January 22nd BBC audiences were presented with audio and filmed versions of a report by the corporation’s Istanbul based international correspondent Orla Guerin about an Israeli Holocaust survivor.

Listeners to BBC World Service radio’s ‘Newshour’ and those tuning in to BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ heard an audio version of Guerin’s report (from 18:13 here and from 20:38 here) in which her usual commitment to accuracy was on display:

Guerin: “Rina takes us to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial centre: a sprawling compound hewn out of stone.” [emphasis added]

Yad Vashem was of course constructed using concrete.

However it was the filmed version of Guerin’s report – aired on BBC One’s ‘News at Ten’ and available here – which caused offence to many viewers. Towards the end of that report Guerin told audiences:

Guerin: “In Yad Vashem’s Hall of Names, images of the dead. Young soldiers troop in to share the binding tragedy of the Jewish people. The State of Israel is now a regional power. For decades it has occupied Palestinian territories. But some here will always see their nation through the prism of persecution and survival.” [emphasis added]

Given Orla Guerin’s long record of problematic Israel-related reporting one might wonder about the degree of judgement behind the BBC’s decision to send her to cover such a sensitive subject as Holocaust remembrance.

However, when one considers that by the time Guerin’s filmed report went on air, visitors to the BBC News website had already seen the gratuitous shoehorning of a context free reference to ‘occupation’ into an article ostensibly about the World Holocaust Forum event in Jerusalem, those editorial considerations perhaps become clearer.

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14 comments on “BBC’s Guerin gratuitously inserts ‘occupation’ into Holocaust remembrance coverage

  1. Complaint sent, the only occupation taking place is that 50 BBC employees are occupying part of Jerusalem to spread their hatred of Israel by spewing lies distortions and myths with every report. Stop the BBC occupation of Jerusalem and kick them out.

  2. I don’t like the Tory Party or their brand of politics, but at the sametime, I can’t wait to see what Dominic Cummings has in store for this outfit.

    I’m fed up with reading the same crap coming out of the BBC about Israel. It’s about time it was broken up for good.

    It’s way past its use-by date, any semblance of balanced reporting has long gone.

  3. Orla Guerin is a disgrace. She should NEVER have been sent to cover the Holocaust Memorial event. Her reports from Israel ALWAYS carried an anti Israel bias and the BBC knew that full well . Consequently the BBC has brought shame on Great Britain on the world stage.
    An apology should follow and swiftly

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  5. Guerin should be barred from entering Israel as she has a long history of offensive and biased comments.

    • The BBC Middle East News desk is only answerable to Iran. Even the British government have no authority over the BBC in the UK let alone in Israel, in short a fox is in charge of the hen house. Our license fees only go to pay the fat salaries of the ilk of Gary Linekar.

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