A new BBC correspondent in Jerusalem

Those following and monitoring the BBC’s Middle East reporting will be interested to know of a new arrival in that part of the world. Anna Foster – previously at BBC radio 5 live – will apparently be covering the region for “a couple of months”.

With Anna Foster having reported on air-raid sirens and shelters in South Korea in 2017, perhaps BBC audiences will finally see some similar reporting about the area of Israel just ninety minutes’ drive away from the corporation’s Jerusalem office that has seen thousands of rocket and mortar attacks over the past two decades, including nine separate incidents since mid-January – all of which have been completely ignored by the BBC.

6 comments on “A new BBC correspondent in Jerusalem

  1. It will not take Bowen any longer to edit her work, to bias it how he wants it or should I say how his Iranian paymasters want it

  2. Meanwhile, an 8-week government consultation period has been announced today into whether decriminalisation of the BBC licence fee (TV tax) should move through Parliament. Next month the BBC licence fee is to be increased for UK TV owners to £147.50 per year, while, in April, those over 75 are no longer to be given free TV licences.

    Apparently 121,000 people were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for licence fee evasion last year, with cases completely clogging up the criminal courts system. Should decriminalisation succeed in passing through Parliament, one commentator said on BBC radio that the BBC, which derives £3.5billion annually from the tax, would effectively be “financially disembowelled.” Duvid would add, “Hallelujah!”

  3. Don’t hold your breath that this Foster will in any way introduce unbiased reporting on the Israel/PA conflict – the BBC is too much of a puppet of the Leftie Luvvies to allow that.

  4. I am tired of totally biased reporting from the same old guilty parties. My BBC always saw both sides of the coin warts and all.

  5. Oh God! Another clueless BBC journalist who will have to go up the learning curve. Her fixer is probably already opening his handbook with all the best hits to start “explaining’ what she should write or report on air.

    She wants us to follow her for “all the news from here”!! I can hardly wait.

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