BBC Sounds relaunches 2017 series by Middle East editor

The BBC recently re-uploaded the 2017 audio series by its Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen called ‘Our Man in the Middle East’.

Our analysis of the episodes relating to Israel can be found below:

BBC’s ME Editor misrepresents the Hussein-McMahon correspondence

A predictable view of Jerusalem from the BBC’s ‘Man in the Middle East’

BBC ME editor gives context-free, omission rich potted history of Israel’s creation

BBC’s Bowen tells his annual Lebanon story on Radio 4

BBC’s Bowen resurrects the ‘Arafat was poisoned’ canard on Radio 4

In which the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen repeats his ‘no human shields in Gaza’ claims

2 comments on “BBC Sounds relaunches 2017 series by Middle East editor

  1. Meanwhile, BBC chairman Sir David Clementi is today defending the biased BBC’s extortionate annual £147.50 licence fee (TV tax) for UK TV owners, which carries a punishment of jail time for non-payment. The government is threatening to abolish TV tax, which would deprive the BBC of its annual revenue of £3.5 billion and possibly cause it to go bust if it then has to compete with pay-to-view streaming giants like Netflix.

    Sir David’s defence smacks of fear and desperation to Duvid, encouraging the belief that we may be due for a biased-BBC-free future. Praise the day.

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