BBC’s Paul Adams amplifies Nazi analogy in coverage of Gaza ground op

One of several BBC journalists ‘parachuted in’ to the region recently in order to cover Operation Protective Shield is Paul Adams – usually based in London as a World Affairs correspondent. On July 18th the BBC News website published an … Continue reading

BBC WS ME editor gives a partial portrayal of the Temple Mount story

Listeners who expected to hear a comprehensive explanation of violence in Jerusalem from the BBC World Service’s Middle East editor were disappointed. Continue reading

BBC diplomatic correspondent disappears Hamas and the PA

One might have assumed that events in the Middle East over the past six years would have brought the BBC to the understanding that a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is not the panacea to all that region’s problems. That, … Continue reading

Comparing BBC reporting on strikes on hospitals in Syria and Gaza

On July 31st the Associated Press reported an airstrike (allegedly not the first) on a hospital in the Dara’a province of southern Syria. “In southern Syria, an airstrike on a hospital in an opposition-controlled town put the facility out of … Continue reading