BBC’s Stephen Sackur does ‘the Israeli psyche’

‘Hardtalk’ host once again promotes his narrative on Israel. Continue reading


BBC’s Sackur touts ‘racist’ Israel in Hardtalk interview with Herzog

The April 21st/ 22nd edition of ‘Hardtalk’ featured an interview with the leader of the Israeli Labour party, Yitzhak (Isaac) Herzog. Readers in the UK can find the programme on BBC iPlayer here and a podcast of the programme is … Continue reading

Hamas once again given a platform on the BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’

The BBC once again provides a member of a terrorist organisation with a platform from which to disseminate misinformation and propaganda.   Continue reading

BBC audiences materially misled by inaccurate claims from ‘Hardtalk’ host

Distorted statistics and inaccurate claims sell ‘Hardtalk’ audiences short. Continue reading