A long history of complaints of BBC distortion by omission

“The presentation of the Palestine issue to the British public by the BBC has, for the last two years or so, been a model of distortion by omission.”

Those words are not a quote from a previous BBC Watch article. They in fact appeared sixty-six years ago in the December 21st 1947 edition of the Palestine Post.

Don’t miss the last line!  

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PP 21 12 47 a

PP 21 12 47 b

PP 21 12 47 c

PP 21 12 47 d

BBC bizarre punctuation mystery solved?

We have written previously about the BBC’s sometimes bizarre use of punctuation, including the recent headlines “Israel-Gaza crisis: ‘Bomb blast’ on bus in Tel Aviv” and “Palestinian ‘with axe’ killed by Israeli forces in West Bank”

On a less serious note, but still on the same subject, this Tweet recently caught our eye:


The accompanying picture speaks for itself. (Lynne Truss: if you’re reading, turn away now!)

IC 2

The Professor, the BBC Editorial Guidelines and Aliens

This has nothing to do with Israel or the Middle East, but it is too funny to pass up. 

An article in The Telegraph informs us that physicist Professor Brian Cox, who is the co-host of the BBC programme Stargazing Live :

“..said he had hoped to point the Jodrell Bank telescope at the planet Threapleton Holmes B after it was discovered live on air last year and listen for signs of life.

But he claimed he was prevented from doing so because the Corporation was concerned that a discovery of aliens could violate BBC regulations.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 6 Music breakfast show on Wednesday, Prof Cox said: “The BBC actually said ‘You can’t do that. We need to go through the regulations and health and safety and everything in case we discover a signal from an alien civilisation’.”

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