The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – February 26th- March 10th edition

English Posts:

Where’s the Coverage? The Truth about “Israel Apartheid Week”
The latest untold story. (CAMERA Snapshots) Tripod logo

Ha’aretz Veers Off Course with Ports Story
In the latest false media account of a supposed anti-Israel BDS victory, Ha’aretz incorrectly reports that two foreign companies withdrew from a ports tender due to boycott fears. (CAMERA)

When Media Cover for Palestinian Terror Groups
Martin Kramer has excellently exposed how The New York Times covers for Rashid Khalidi. (In case it’s not clear, the job of a serious newspaper is to cover the PLO spokesman-cum-professor, not cover for him). (Snapshots)

Just the Facts: Stripping Down Ha’aretz Coverage on Airport Search
A Ha’aretz news article describes a “he said/she said” dispute about the alleged strip search of an Israeli Arab teacher. Ha’aretz headlines and opinion pieces upgrade the disputed claim to fact. (CAMERA)

Ha’aretz Lost in Translation on Strip Search
Today, in an apparent case of “lost in translation,” the Ha’aretz English edition continues to report as fact the disputed claim that Israeli Arab teacher Ezies Elias Shehada was subjected to a strip search. (Snapshots)

Mitnick, the U.S., and “Illegal” Settlements
American policy on the legality of the settlements has been consistent for decades. And Joshua Mitnick’s coverage of that policy has also been consistent. Consistently wrong, that is. (Snapshots)

Spanish Posts:

ABC: ¿Por qué fue Merkel a Israel?
El diario español ABC se encarga de que los palestinos estén en el titular de la noticia sobre la visita de Merkel a Israel, que era relevante por otros motivos. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

¿Dónde está la cobertura?
La prensa en español suele recoger y reproducir noticias provenientes de periódicos israelíes, siempre y cuando los hechos que relate esa noticia sirvan para reforzar la imagen de Israel que se pretenden instalar entre el público lector. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

La agencia EFE: acusación particular contra Israel
La agencia gubernamental española presenta los argumentos de la acusación, pero en ningún momento nos permite conocer qué alega el acusado en su defensa. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Un elefante rosa 
Es grande, ruidoso, muy visible en un lugar pequeño y, aún así, nadie quiere verlo. Lo mismo sucede con Hamas, y con los grupos terroristas que operan desde Gaza, en el marco de las conversaciones de paz entre Israel y la AP. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Pincelada propia 
La agencia española de noticias Europa Press, tomaba el material de Reuters y no podría evitar darle un giro muy propio. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Hamás condena la enseñanza de los DH en Gaza
La organización terrorista condena el curricula de la UNWRA por incluir asignaturas sobre derechos humanos. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

5 razones que alejan a los palestinos de la paz
Utilizar los medios de comunicación para difamar a Israel y difundir odio gratuito desde la cúpula de la Autoridad Palestina, son razones de peso que alejan a los palestinos de la paz y que usan como plataforma de difusión los medios de comunicación masiva. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Hebrew Posts:

Portraying Israel as if it was North Korea
A Ha’aretz Op-ed is too happy to grossly mischaracterize and declare as fact incidents which are very much in dispute. (Presspectiva)

Yossi Sarid’s Boycott
What are the aims of the BDS Movement? (Presspectiva)

The Media is a little too fast in reporting BDS successes
Did Dutch and Italian companies really withdraw tender application to build new ports in Israel due to political reasons? (Presspectiva)

Abu-Mazen’s True Position
What Abu Mazen says in English is not always identical to what he says in Arabic. (Presspectiva)

Ha’aretz No Longer a Newspaper
Has Ha’aretz decided to come out of the closet, shrugging off any pretense of being a news organization? What other explanation is there for publication of the full text of a petition by Rashid Khalidi and Judith Butler without any comment or context? (Presspectiva)

Ma’ariv Finally Corrects!

Days before an ethics committee hearing on Presspectiva’s complaint, Ma’ariv finally corrects a six month old story. (Presspectiva)






The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – January 28th-February 25th edition

English Posts

UMass Amherst Chancellor Condemns Academic Boycotts of Israel (in Focus) Tripod logo

A Tough Legacy for a Tougher Man
Setting the record straight on Ariel Sharon, written by Alisa Rudy and first published in Baruch College’s paper: The Ticker. Alisa is a junior majoring in Middle East Studies and is the current President of the CCAP group Youth Organization For Israel, Baruch’s student pro-Israel club. (in Focus)

Inciting Violence Through Inaccuracy
A look at the Arab world inciting violence in the land of Israel, from the Hebron riots 80 years ago to today, by Boston University student Lindsey Cohen. (in Focus)

Learn How to Table From These Guys
Our pro-Israel CAMERA supported group at McNeese University tables about Israel and CAMERA at their campus center. (in Focus)

Jon Haber Relaunches His Blog
Jon of “Divest This” has restarted his fantastic blog debunking myths about the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement. (in Focus)

Chloé Valdary Speaks on Canada’s Sun News on how CAMERA Helps
Watch: CAMERA helps students access accurate information about Israel on their campuses. (in Focus)

Correction in Weekly Portuguese Paper Thanks to CAMERA Israel Trip Participant
Major Portuguese paper falsely claims Israel is building 1400 new settlements. Former CAMERA Israel Trip participant Romeu Monteiro helps set the record straight. (in Focus)

Erasing the Jewish Connection to Israel
A common strategy in delegitimizing Israel is to erase the historic connection between the Jewish people to the land of Israel. (in Focus)

CAMERA Visits California and Boston University
Two campus staff members visited with students at USC who had just returned from Birthright, and spoke to them about inaccuracies in the media. (in Focus)

A Realistic Approach to the Israeli-Arab Conflict
Our Fellow at Washington University is published in her campus paper as she sheds some light on the current conflict and international law. (in Focus)

A Stand Against Boycotts

Our CAMERA Intern explores how some Israelis are taking a pro-active step in the fight against boycotts. (in Focus)

Speakers Discredit SJP

Students for Justice in Palestine bring in a former Israeli soldier to defame Israel and spread inaccurate information about the conflict. Our CAMERA Fellow writes a letter to the editor to set the record straight. (in Focus)

BBC’s ‘Today’ programme ‘should know better’ than to engage in covert promotion of the PSC’s agenda
Despite a recent recommitment to summarizing the standpoint of interviewees, BBC Radio 4 broadcast an interview with an unidentified member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. (BBC Watch)

In which BBC News abandons all pretence of fact checking
Fact checking has apparently become too much of a bother for BBC website journalists. (BBC Watch)

Guardian caves to anti-Israel bigots, revises SodaStream article to please Ben White
The power of the pro-BDS lobby at the Guardian was revealed when editors at the London-based newspaper caved to pressure from Ben White, and revised an article which originally referred to anti-SodaStream activists as “anti-Israel” – opting instead fro the more benign term “anti-settlement”. (CiF Watch)

A Harriet Sherwood tale of Palestinian love and Israeli darkness
A nearly 4,000 word story on Israeli ‘villainy’ by Harriet Sherwood reached new lows, even in the context of the Jerusalem correspondent’s three and a half year pattern of filing such tendentious and egregiously biased reports from the region. (CiF Watch)

Hebrew Posts

Ynet puts Gaza under siege
Is it accurate to refer to Gaza as “under siege?” (Presspectiva)

Are these celebrities really boycotting Israel?
Dustin Hoffman, Meg Ryan and others are listed by Israeli media as celebrities boycotting Israel. However the evidence shows otherwise. (Presspectiva)

The New York Times repeats Palestinian propaganda
Last week we chastised Ha’aretz for repeating without any examination the claim that President Truman intentionally erased the words “The Jewish State” from his recognition of Israel. Now the New York Times does it as well. (Presspectiva)

What is incitement?
An op-ed writer in Ha’aretz displays a fine sense of irony, when accusing others of inciting hatred, but bases her argument on completely false charges. (Presspectiva)

The return of the Palestinian Children in Cages story
Presspectiva continues to correct papers accusing Israel of holding Palestinian children in cages. (Presspectiva)

Wikipedia’s “Lion of God” bites Journalists
Did various respectable news organizations (and Al-Jazeera) base their obituary of Ariel Sharon on Wikipedia? (Presspectiva)

Spanish Posts

Is Israel really isolated, as some media outlets portray?
Israel holds diplomatic relations with over 150 countries and has recently joined the Pacific Alliance as an observer. Is the country really “internationally isolated”? (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Excelsior, from Mexico, corrects mistaken information about Israel
In an article about Tel Aviv as a technological hub, the Mexican paper said that city was Israel’s capital. ReVista questioned the paper and the editors corrected the mistake. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Europa Press unmasked
We highlight possible financial and political reasons behind the biased information about Israel in the Spanish speaking news agency. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Russia Today claims Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital
Not only does the RT claim that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, it also falsely suggests that Globes, an Israeli media outlet, is the source of the information. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Bethlehem celebrates Palestinian terrorism
Political and religious leaders honoured two suicide bombers and promoted violence against Israel, while the Spanish press didn’t considered the event as news. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Middle East headlines in the Spanish speaking press
Read the Israel and Middle East related headlines of the main newspapers and news agencies in Latin America and Spain. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Télam adopted an anti-Israel ideological stance
The Argentinian news agency chose to quote only those sources that were critical of the Government of Israel and blamed the Jewish State for threatening the peace negotiations and presented opinions as facts. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Johanssen and El País (the country) of shame 

The effort of the Spanish newspaper to become a professional and reference media is of no use if they allow crude ideology to pop into its pages. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

EFE forgets the Israeli version of the facts again
One of the main premises of journalism is to contrast the information. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

EFE, please, check the information
The Spanish news agency is wrong when informing about the Oslo accords. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

EFE and sex change
Ariel Zilber is not a woman! (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

EFE: the Israelis also exist
Maybe, the Spanish news agency EFE doesn’t like the Israeli version, but readers have the right to learn about it and judge for themselves. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)


The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – January 10th-27th edition

English Posts:

AFP Gives New Life to Old Settlements (& Neighborhoods)
In the alternate reality in which Agence France Presse lives, Tel Aviv advocates settlement expansion, Israel approved the “new” Tripod logosettlements of Pisgat Zeev, Ariel, Har Homa, Efrat, Gilo, Beitar Illit and Ramat Shlomo. (Snapshots)

CAMERA Wins Hasby Award
CAMERA is delighted that popular blogger Elder of Ziyon has selected CAMERA has the 2014 winner of the Hasby Award in the category of Best Mainstream Media Watchdog. (Snapshots)

On Op-Ed Corrections, NY Times is 1 For 3
The Times corrects Ali Jarbawi’s claim that Sharon entered the Al Aqsa mosque, but has yet to correct the assertion that Israel controls all of Gaza’s borders and “built a wall around Palestine.” (CAMERA)

Where’s the Coverage? Fatah Official Calls for Resistance
Western media, which have demonstrated a keen interest when Israeli officials have criticized American efforts to advance a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, have reacted to a Palestinian official’s rejection of Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts with . . . . resounding silence. (Snapshots)

AFP: Tel Aviv Pushes Settlement Expansion
Is the secular, liberal city of Tel Aviv, and Mayor Ron Huldai of the leftist Labor Party, secretly advocating settlement expansion? If so, Agence France Presse has a scoop! (Snapshots)

The NY Times and the Facts on the Wall
We were still waiting for The New York Times to correct factual errors in the Jan. 22 Op-Ed about Ariel Sharon by former Palestinian Authority official Ali Jarbawi, when we spotted yet another Times Op-Ed which botched the facts on Israel. (Snapshots)

Latest NY Times Anti-Israel Hit Piece Requires Corrections
Writing in the Times of Israel, CAMERA’s Tamar Sternthal,examines Ali Jarbawi’s falsehoods along with many other media falsehoods about Ariel Sharon. (CAMERA)

CAMERA Prompts NY Magazine Correction on Sabra, Shatilla
CAMERA elicits a correction on an obituary for Ariel Sharon in New York Magazine which erroneously stated that Israeli soldiers carried out the killings in Sabra and Shatilla. (CAMERA)

Predictably, Sharon-Related Falsehoods Under Way
In New York Magazine, Caroline Bankoff claims that Israeli soldiers, not the Phalange militia, killed hundreds of Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatilla. (Snapshots)

With Ariel Sharon’s Death, Expect the Usual Falsehoods
With Sharon’s death the usual media falsehoods about him, for example regarding Sabra and Shatilla, or the sparking of the second intifada, will no doubt once again need to be debunked. (CAMERA)

CAMERA Clarifies About Reuters, Shuafat
CAMERA rescinds a correction request given that Reuters was referring to building plans in the Shuafat refugee camp and not in a separate Jerusalem neighborhood of the same name. (CAMERA)

In Sharon Coverage, NPR Skews
NPR’s Mike Shuster whitewashes Palestinian terrorism that emanated from Lebanon, and Emily Harris misleads on the Temple Mount and Sabra and Shatila. (Snapshots)

PBS, ‘Resistance Fighters,’ Women and Children
In an otherwise fair report, PBS whitewashes the Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel during the 1950s which led to the formation of Ariel Sharon’s Unit 101. (Snapshots)

5 Things to Fix in CNN’s ’5 Things to Know’ on Sharon
In “Five Things to Know” about Ariel Sharon, CNN gets five things wrong, including his visit to the Temple Mount, the chronology of the 1967 war, Gaza’s history, and more. (CAMERA)

Clyde Haberman and the Siege Mentality
Departing New York Times Clyde Haberman harbors an intensive sense of personal siege, alongside his indignation at Israel ‘s siege mentality. Also, CAMERA offers a parting gift. (Snapshots)

The New York Times Guide to Peace Negotiations
A CAMERA column in American Thinker and Times of Israel provides examples demonstrating how the New York Times routinely casts Israel, but not Palestinians, as the obstacle to peace. (CAMERA)

Review of Fall Semester 2013: Sgt. Benjamin Anthony at the University of Delaware

Read on to learn about Sgt. Benjamin Anthony’s Lecture at the University of Delaware. (in Focus)

Brooke Goldstein at CUNY Baruch College
Read on to learn about Brooke Goldstein’s Lecture at CUNY Baruch College. She is a human rights lawyer committed to raising awareness about and combating the indoctrination and recruitment of children for suicide terror operations, as well as other violent activities. Brooke also produced an award-winning movie entitled Martyr, which investigates juvenile suicide terror. (in Focus)

Building Peace at USF
A piece by the CAMERA Fellow at the University of South Florida, Danielle Haberer. (in Focus)

United Nations Human Rights Council: Is it legitimate?
The United Nations Human Rights Council doesn’t seem to care too much about the plight of the Syrians. Our CAMERA Fellow at UMass-Amherst writes about the legitimacy of this branch of the UN. (in Focus)

BBC exploits Sharon’s death for more promotion of second Intifada falsehood
BBC coverage both before and after the death of Ariel Sharon showed intensive promotion of the myth that his Temple Mount visit started the second Intifada. (BBC Watch)

Breaches of editorial guidelines in BBC WS ‘Newshour’ special Sharon broadcast
Just one hour after the announcement of the death of Ariel Sharon, the BBC World Service opened its coverage with defamatory remarks from Mustafa Barghouti. (BBC Watch)

Goodbye, Harriet Sherwood: Three years covering Gaza and no lessons learned
Harriet Sherwood’s latest ‘love letter’ to Gaza perfectly illustrates the egregious pro-Palestinian bias in her coverage of the region during her three years as the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent. (CiF Watch)

CAMERA Partners with Drexel Hillel on Birthright Trip
CAMERA partners with Drexel Hillel to encourage Birthright students to get involved with Israel activity on campus. (in Focus)

Who is Edward Said and why is his picture on a mural at Cesar Chavez Center?
Kayla Wold, our Fellow at San Francisco State University, writes about the mural on her campus devoted to a man who wanted Israel destroyed. (in Focus)

Spanish Posts:

Journalistic reaction: voluntary or involuntary?
A chain of events becomes news whenever Israel is involved. Israel’s involvement seems to spur journalists into action. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Based on reality
Taking off from an actual event, Euronews created a story that was more fictional than true. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

The importance of a headline
The Mexican newspaper El Informador apparently tried to create an alternative reality regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the use of a biased headline. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Who does not want to negotiate?
The Spanish-speaking media seems to prefer to present a false scenario in which Israel, a priori, is the very “cause” of the conflict and, therefore, the “obstacle” to peace. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

How to write an inaccurate text in a few steps

The headline of a report by the Argentinean news agency Télam presented as fact an allegation by the partisan NGO Peace Now that was refuted by official sources. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Middle East headlines in the Spanish speaking press
Read the headlines of the week in papers from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela and others. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Palestinian terrorists receive monthly salaries from Palestinian Authority, while the press remains silent
Palestinian terrorists with “blood in their hands” imprisoned in Israel receive a higher monthly income than Palestinian civil servants, but this doesn’t seem to be an interesting subject for any of the Spanish speaking media when they talk about Palestinian prisioners. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Definition and verdict

The Spanish speaking media, self-appointed judges, designate the disputed territories as “Palestinian territories”, feigning ignorance of the historical and legal facts. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

The Trial
The media coverage of Ariel Sharon’s death reveals that Israel, and its leaders, can always be blamed – even when the accusations are completely false, as in Kafka’s novel. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

A journalist must tell readers what has actually happened, not what he believes should happen. But the latter is precisely the case in the Spanish newspaper El País, reporting on the death of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

So what does Mahmoud Abbas want to discuss with Israeli Leaders?
In recent statements, PA President Mahmoud Abbas has made it clear that he has no authority to negotiate peace with Israel. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Rewriting History
Spanish News Agency Europa Press shapes the facts surrounding the Arab-Israeli Conflict according to the Palestinian narrative. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Simplification and misrepresentation
Argentinean news agency Télam whitewashes the actions of Palestinian terrorist groups, while simultaneously labeling the State of Israel as having “aggressive policies of reprisal”. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Where’s the coverage?
Spanish speaking journalists have had enough time to notice the constant incitement against Israel by the Palestinians. This contradicts the notion that they are seeking peace with their neighbor. But the media prefers not to hear. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Taking sides
The Argentine news agency Télam has endorsed the Palestinian speech on the disputed territories, leaving aside the journalistic professionalism. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

For Europa Press, the Israeli version is unnecessary
The Spanish news agency reproduced as an unquestionable fact the statements of a Jordanian official regarding the rejection of Israel’s plans to build an airport in Israeli territory, while obviating the version of the Jewish State. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Hebrew Posts:

Ma’ariv’s Archaeological Discovery
Ma’ariv publishes a story on a newly found water tunnel. They apparently forgot that they already “just found” the same tunnel nine months ago. (Presspectiva)

Every Paper Has Their Own “Nazi”
The pictures used to illustrate the coverage of a suggested bill to prohibit some uses of the word “Nazi” reveal each paper’s own bias (Presspectiva)

Israeli Demography 101
What are the actual statistics about the Israeli birthrate? (Presspectiva)

Did Ariel Sharon Ignite the Second Intifada?
Examining the claim that Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount is to blame for the Second Intifada (Presspectiva)

Ha’aretz Buys Into Palestinian Double Speak
Is a Ha’aretz editorial correct in claiming that no senior member of the Palestinian Authority has called for the destruction of Israel? (Presspectiva)

Did Netanyahu invent the demand that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is still no. (Presspectiva)

What was the update to the Canadian policy paper regarding Israel?
Ha’aretz stresses the fact that Canada had just updated their policy paper on Israel. We checked what the changes were. The result may surprise you. (Presspectiva)

Why did President Truman cross out the words “Jewish State” from the USA recognition of Israel
The Palestinian Authority claims President Truman intentionally removed the words “Jewish State” from the US recognition of Israel. An Israeli paper repeated the lie without any fact-checking. The truth is a charming story from the first minutes of the new Israeli state. (Presspectiva)





The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – January 7th-9th edition

Keeping Pressure on Iran
Our Fellow at Cornell publishes this powerful piece in his campus paper: “The sanctions have hurt. Iran’s oil exports have fallen by about 50 percent since 2011. . . ” (in Focus) Tripod logo

Indy’s wild claim that Israel ‘tortures’ Palestinian kids continues to unravel
CiF Watch continues to demonstrate that the charge levelled by The Independent that Palestinian kids were tortured and “caged” by the Israeli government appears to be completely without merit. (CiF Watch)

Palestinian Kids In Cages?
How an Israeli NGO, bad fact-checking and a bad translation led to the claim that Israel was torturing Palestinian minors by holding them in cages. (Presspectiva)

Telling only half of the story
The Israeli media failed to report on the backlash to the ASA boycott (Presspectiva)

Review of Fall Semester 2013: Anat Berko at American University
CAMERA helps bring Anat Berko to American University to “increase awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and challenge prevalent notions about the nature of Palestinian terrorists.” (in Focus)

BBC continues to avoid essential ‘core issues’ of Middle East talks
What isn’t the BBC telling its audiences about the peace process? (BBC Watch)

BBC Two’s ‘Newsnight’ breaches editorial guidelines, fudges on anti-Semitism
Why did the BBC fail to inform viewers of an interviewee’s Far-Right associations? (BBC Watch)

The Palestinian Authority uses European funds to promote antisemitism and the Spanish speaking press ignores it
A Palestinian youth NGO funded partly with European funds, co-produced an antisemitic video that was broadcasted in the Palestinian Authority TV channel. But none of the main Spanish speaking media reported about it. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

The Re-emergence of the Green Line
Ha’aretz’s updated style guide, no longer encourages translators to avoid using the term “The Green Line”. (Presspectiva)

The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – December 19th-31st edition

Crude stereotyping of ‘expansionist’ Israelis in BBC 3 comedy show
BBC guidelines permit national stereotyping “for comic effect” if there are “audience expectations”, but does BBC coverage of Israel in fact create such expectations? (BBC Watch) Tripod logo

BBC’s Knell amplifies UNRWA’s political campaigning on R4′s ‘The World Tonight’
BBC reports on the recent flooding in Gaza cite “tight restrictions” on imports of fuel which do not exist . (BBC Watch)

Who condemns Palestinian terrorism?
In the Spanish speaking press, very few voices were given space to condemn the attack to the 240 bus line near Tel Aviv, while only a handful of papers actually published news about the incident. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Brandeis and Penn State Harrisburg Pull Out of ASA Program in Response to Boycott
ASA takes a more extreme stance on Israel than the president of the Palestinian Authority. (in Focus)

Review of the Fall Semester 2013: Israel Awareness Week at the University of Houston
Over 70 students attend event with Israel’s highest ranking Muslim diplomat during Israel Awareness Week at the University of Houston, organized with CAMERA’s help and support. (in Focus)

Ma’ariv’s Misplaced Rage
The cause of a demonstration seems to baffle Ma’ariv (Presspectiva)

Is Israel’s Christian Population Really Declining?
A nasty Independent Op-Ed repeats a modern day slander (Presspectiva)

The Samer Issawi Test

Released Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi is an important test case for journalists. His hunger strike continues to garner news coverage. His conviction for multiple attempts of murder, not so much. (CAMERA)

Senior Campus Coordinator at CAMERA Writes to Hampshire College President, Calling on Him to Condemn the ASA Boycott
Read her well-written letter here. (in Focus)

Review of Fall Semester 2013: Gil Magen at Ohio State University 

Photography Under Fire event draws in many people, including adults over age 50, students from a diverse number of academic department such as Middle East Studies, photography, sociology, political science and others. (in Focus)

Review of Fall Semester 2013: Sgt. Benjamin Anthony at George Mason
About 70 students attend event designed to decrease apathy and increase awareness of Israel. Students involved in Greek life, students enrolled in ROTC and others learn about what drove Benjamin Anthony to leave all he knew in his native U.K. and enlist in the IDF. (in Focus)

Professor Rotella, Director of the American Studies Program at Boston College, Speaks Out Against the ASA Boycott of Israel
Read his letter here. So far 55 institutions have condemned the ASA boycott. (in Focus)

Ma’ariv and Makor Rishon Greatly Over-report European Antisemitism
A report on a new poll on European Anti-semitism manages to cite every figure wrong. (Presspectiva)

Who Needs To Check Facts If You Can Read Ynet?

A scathing op-ed in the “7th eye” against the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was completely based on an error published in Ynet (Presspectiva)

Event Held at the University of Miami Celebrates Gay Life in Israel
About 70 students attend event at the University of Miami to learn about the rights that Israel gives gays in Israel. (in Focus)

The Failures of Sam Bahour
J-Street at Brandeis helps bring to campus a speaker that is against Israel’s existence, and that suggested that Israel is responsible for chemical weapon use in Syria. J-Street is part of Hillel on that campus. (in Focus)

CAMERA Helps Bring Jeff Jacoby to Florida
Jeff Jacoby connects Zionism to American history and covers the big lies- big truth phenomenon. Our Owls for Israel Board member at Florida Atlantic University writes about it. (in Focus)

Guardian: Non-Jewish Israelis who live in settlements should not be called ‘settlers’

 According to the Guardian’s ‘Style Guide’, the term “settler” can only be used to characterize ‘Jewish’ Israelis who live beyond the green line. So, according to this logic, a Christian or Muslim citizen of Israel living in an “East” Jerusalem ‘settlement’ would NOT be considered a “settler”. (CiF Watch)



The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages December 9th -19th edition

Ha’aretz and the Conception of the Jewish State
What is a Jewish State, as seen through three generations of Ha’aretz op-eds. (Presspectiva) Tripod logo

Diskin, Netanyahu and the Media
Who was responding to whom? (Presspectiva)

BBC explains why it did not report on toddler injured by stone-throwers
The BBC reassures a complainant that it views an incident it failed to report as ‘serious’ and ‘important’. (BBC Watch)

BBC claims Ben Gurion “opposed” the Partition Plan
The historical inaccuracies continue in BBC News website backgrounders. (BBC Watch)

Mandela and Israel
Correcting some misconceptions about Mandela’s attitude to Zionism and Israel. (Presspectiva)

Gaza Rocket Attacks No Laughing Matter
Students protested a Noam Bedein event by handing out a flier which compared rockets to harmless yelling from “an emotionally disturbed person banging on the door screaming.” This great piece, published in the campus paper, explains the situation. (in Focus)

President of Campus Palestinian Group Wants to Stab Israeli Soldiers
San Francisco State University has suffered from a rash of anti-Israel extremism, including the glorification of the murder of Israelis. (in Focus)

Israel’s Minister of Intelligence Speaks at Boston University
Mr. Steinitz spoke about the Israeli perspective on the interim deal that has just been struck with Iran. (in Focus)

Abbas: Abu Jihad was a “model of a true fighter”
While the president of the Palestinian Authority decorated Abu Jihad, responsible for the deaths of at least 125 Israelis, including women and children, the Spanish speaking media remained silent. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Shalom Aper Event at UCLA Celebrates Israeli and Armenian Cultures
Bruins for Israel of UCLA teamed up with the Armenia Student Association to organize a successful event that celebrated Armenian and Israeli cultures as well as their unique intersection. Natalie Bakhshi reports back to CAMERA with the details. (in Focus)

7 Steps Away From “Freedom and Equality”
Students at the University of Michigan from various dorms across campus woke up to a mock eviction notice from the University of Michigan Housing Department. CAMERA Israel trip participant Molly Rosen responds. (in Focus)

Michael Leitner Presents: “Playing for Peace” at Concordia University
Concordia students learn about the innovative program that brings Jewish and Arab youth together to play soccer. (in Focus)

The Fake Mandela Letter That Celebrated a Bar Mitzvah
An op-ed by the head of Amnesty International Israel quotes a fake Nelson Mandela Letter (Presspectiva)

Another Boycott That Never Happened
Did Veolia really cancel a bus line on Route 443? (Presspectiva)

Less Hamas More Hummus Event at Arizona State University: Dr. Jonathan Schanzer and Screening of the Arab World in Its own Words
Where did Hamas get its power? A Less Hamas More Hummus Event at Arizona State.(in Focus)

One day in the life of former Palestinian prisoner Muhamad Hilal
Testimonies from former Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel describe much better living conditions than those described by the Spanish speaking media . (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Noam Bedein at UC Berkley and UC Irvine
With the help of CAMERA and our great students on the ground, students at UC Berkley and at UC Irvine learn about the rocket attacks against Israel. (in Focus)






The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – November 27th -December 2nd edition

Israel’s Security Key to a Stable Middle East
CAMERA Fellow at Drexel publishes a piece about the Palestinian terrorists released by Israel. (in Focus) Tripod logo

Hamas erases Israel from Gaza text books
Hamas has erased the term “Israel” from Gaza’s text books in most of the schools of the strip and has substitute it for the words “Zionist entity”. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Walla and the Strange Case of the “International Media”
Walla reports that a story is being covered by the “International Media.” In fact only the Iranian propaganda agency “Press TV” was reporting it. (Presspectiva)

BBC amplification of organised anti-Israel delegitimising campaign
A BBC report on protests against the Prawer Plan conceals – and amplifies – their political agenda. (BBC Watch)

Examining the BBC’s track record on Jewish refugees from Arab lands
The subject of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is under-reported by the BBC. (BBC Watch)

Future Leaders of Israel
Students are ready to fight back with a new, innovative advocacy tool, of which CAMERA is a sponsor. Rena Nasar, former president of the CAMERA Campus Activist Group YOFI at Baruch College explains: (in Focus)



The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – November 20th -26th edition

Brooklyn College Hosts Ben White’s Lecture on ‘Israeli Apartheid’
Anti-Israel activist Ben White was invited to speak at Brooklyn College by the college’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. Event is co-sponsored by two college departments. (in Focus) Tripod logo

SFSU President Condemns Campus Event With Slogan “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers”
San Francisco State University President Les Wong publicly condemned this week an event held on campus in which students created posters that read, “My heroes have always killed colonizers.” The posters were displayed in the campus square, and were created as part of a larger event celebrating Edward Said, according to AMCHA. The event was organized by the General Union of Palestinian Students. (in Focus)

Where’s the coverage? 
With the exception of two media, Spanish press did not cover the murder of the young Israeli Eden Atias at the hands of a Palestinian. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

The order of the factors alters the product 
Europa Press not only ignored the murder of Eden Atias, but used the incident as a pretext to insist portraying once again the Palestinians as “victims”. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Europa Press offers 367 words to the Palestinian version and only 27 to the Israeli. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

A brief review of the coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict of Europe Press shows a very striking pattern: the agency appears to officiate as a spokesman for Hamas. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

A Return to Bias

Our CAMERA Fellow at Concordia writes in her Op-Ed that “Israel was the only specific country on the agenda when the United Nations met on September 10, 2013. At this time the world was praying for the victims of chemical weaponry in Syria. The UN made no specific or emergency condemnation of Syria at the time. It took a backseat to the permanent agenda article against the Jewish State. The executive director of UN Watch, Hillel Neuer noted that day that the same amount of time was allotted to Israel as was committed to the rest of the world. (in Focus)

The Scary World of Uri Misgav 
Uri Misgav’s column is analysed applying the same psychoanalytic method he applies to others. (Presspectiva)

The New York Times Admits Its Error
The New York Times publishes an apology for illustrating a shocking terror attack, with a picture of the terrorist’s mother (Presspectiva)

That renowned BBC accuracy and impartiality… 
BBC’s man in Gaza invents an Israeli air raid. (BBC Watch)

BBC misrepresentation of Israel’s stance on Iran talks continues in Kim Ghattas report 
The BBC’s State Department correspondent was the latest to misinform audiences about Israel’s stance on P5+1 deal. (BBC Watch)

Arab Israeli Citizen Shares Minority Experience with SF State 
CAMERA on Campus Is In the News! This article was written by Guadalupe González and was printed in the Golden Gate Xpress on October 29, 2013. (in Focus)

Napoleon, Ben Gurion and the Jewish State
Was Napoleon a harbinger of Zionism? (Presspectiva)

Tel Aviv, Israel’s Eternal Capital 
Why the foreign media keeps claiming that Tel Aviv is the capital city of Israel. (Presspectiva)

We Must Take Ownership of Our Own Humanity 
Eliot Hamilton of our CCAP group Claremont Colleges for Israel: “I have found that if I mention of the State of Israel, someone will not respectfully disagree with me, but will get angry with me personally for supporting something that they see as flawed. I did not expect to be disrespected so vehemently, or to experience such hatred. . .” (in Focus)






The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – November 13th -19th edition

The everlasting accused
The Swiss report on the death of Yasser Arafat is used by the Spanish press to point a finger at Israel. (ReVista de Medio Oriente) Tripod logo

The attacker portrayed as a victim
Spanish news agency Europa Press published several articles attempting to address Israeli “violence” against the Palestinians while ignoring or downplaying Palestinian violence. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

A look at information bias
The release of Palestinian prisoners and the announcement by Israel of the construction of housing in East Jerusalem reflected how the majority of Hispanic media covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Conceding Peace
CAMERA supported Students Supporting Israel at the University of Minnesota publish an op-ed in their campus paper. (in Focus)

Brandeis Breaks with Al Quds University After Nazi-Style Rally
Al-Quds University President Nusseibeh tries to explain Nazi-Style rally on campus, warning of the “vilification campaigns by Jewish extremists.” (in Focus)

University of Massachusetts Amherst Hosts Sgt. Benjamin Anthony’s Lecture
Over 80 students attend CAMERA sponsored event at UMass-Amherst. (in Focus)

BBC misrepresents Israel’s stance on P5+1 talks yet again 
Despite having heard the contrary first hand from a senior Israeli minister, the BBC claims that Israel is opposed to talks with Iran. (BBC Watch)

Why we need to talk about the BBC’s promotion of Middle East conspiracy theories 
It’s time to join the dots between irresponsible Middle East reporting and the rise in antisemitism in Europe. (BBC Watch)

Silence in Media in Face of Eden Atias’s Brutal Murder 
An Israeli soldier is murdered by a Palestinian and the media focuses on settlements. (in Focus)

Drexel Event on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations
Drexel students bring a Middle East expert to campus in CAMERA supported event. (in Focus)

Guardian columnist blames the persecution of Mid-East Christians on Israel’s creation 
The Guardian columnist views the disturbing news of anti-Christian persecution in Muslim countries within the Middle East – resulting in Christian communities fleeing the region in large numbers – and argues that the root cause is Israel’s creation. (CiF Watch)

Iran and the media blame Israel for Beirut attacks
EFE, Bolivia’s La Razón and Mexico’s Milenio published false accusation by Marzie Afjam, of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and did not correct. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)



The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – November 6th -12th

BBC correspondent compares anti-terrorist fence to Berlin wall, fails to mention terrorism 
The BBC’s ‘From our own Correspondent’ presents a one-sided and inaccurate view of Israel’s anti-terrorist fence (BBC Watch) Tripod logo

NYT goes where BBC declines to tread
The BBC systematically fails to address the subject of incitement and glorification of terrorism, either by Hamas or the Palestinian Authority (BBC Watch)

Declare Your Freedom Pro-Israel Rally Planned for New Orleans
Our CAMERA supported student group at the University of New Orleans, Allies for Israel, is planning a Declare Your Freedom 2.0 rally this March. Watch the video created by students at Allies for Israel to learn about the planned pro-Israel rally. (in Focus)

Where’s the Coverage? Israeli Technology Gives Sight to the Blind
The latest untold story. (Snapshots)

Jelen’s Big Slip
Our first CAMERA Fellow in Uruguay publishes his response to an anti-Israel article in two papers. Read the translation here.(in Focus)

Arafat, when rumors replace the news
Some of the Spanish-speaking press hurried to publish rumors about Arafat’s death. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

NYT Corrects: Israel Does not Advance 3500 New Settlements
In the first media correction prompted by CAMERA’s Israel office since this week’s opening of its Jerusalem hub, The International New York Times corrects an article which had incorrectly reported that Israel advances plans for 3,500 new settlements. (CAMERA)

Faulty education system to blame for unrest in Middle East
“It is important to challenge what you believe, so that you know why you believe it. That’s why I decided to backpack around Jordan, the West Bank and Israel this past summer. I have been to refugee camps and through checkpoints. I have experienced the terror that accompanies a rocket attack, and the heartbreak that comes from talking to a Holocaust survivor.” (in Focus)

Breaking the Façade of Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence fulfills its goal “to expose the Israeli public to the ugly underside of what their service as soldiers in the Israeli army interacting with Palestinians looks like” by going on tour in North America. (Snapshots)

Who ever heard of The Washington Post
Why did all the Israeli media report on the scathing New York Times editorial against Netanyahu, but ignore the Washington Post? (Presspectiva)

RT, the Beduin community and the Prawer Plan
Russia Today only quotes sources that oppose the Prawer Plan, while the Plan’s benefits and supporters are disregarded. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Yemini Calls Out Ha’aretz, Cites Presspectiva
Ben-Dror Yemini slams Ha’aretz‘s false campaign condemning Israel’s Holocaust education, and cites the work of Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew site, in exposing falsehoods in Ha’aretz and other Israeli news outlets. (Snapshots)

Exploring Veterans Day and the End of World War I Through a Zionist Lens
The lead-up to the end of World War I signified a turning point for Zionism. Below, we explore Veterans day through the Zionist lens. (in Focus)