Get Involved

There are several ways for members of the general public both in the UK and abroad to voice their opinions regarding BBC performance.

(For an outline of complaints procedures, see the separate page entitled ‘Complaints‘.)

Note – with the closure of the BBC Trust on April 2nd 2017 came the closure of the four regional audience councils. The future establishment of any similar bodies is left to the new BBC Board under the terms of the 2016 Charter and Agreement.

  • Consultations:

The BBC Trust also engages with licence fee payers by means of consultations.

Details of on-going and past consultations are posted on the BBC Trust website. 

  • Feedback:

The BBC’s ‘News Watch’ website  provides an online forum for feedback concerning specific news items broadcast on radio and television.

Feedback regarding the BBC World Service can be submitted here

  • Global Minds:

Global Minds is an online community (registration necessary) established in 2009 for BBC viewers, listeners and website users worldwide. Members provide online feedback on BBC content.