Recycled footage and messaging in BBC business reports from Israel

A filmed report for BBC television news by the BBC’s Middle East business reporter Jonathan Frewin from September 21st  was also posted on the BBC News website’s Middle East and Business pages and still appears on the former five days later. 

Frewin economy

Here is a screenshot from another report by Frewin which appeared on August 24th – spot the similarity? 

Frewin august

Not only footage is being recycled; the two reports include interviews with the same economist and the same unsourced predictions of population growth rate in the ultra-orthodox sector in Israel. 

Are BBC audiences really in need of two reports on this internal Israeli issue in less than a month? 


Filmed reports on the BBC News website’s Middle East page in August

Our monthly count of Israel-related articles and comparison with the amount of exposure given to other countries in the region on the BBC News website’s Middle East page relates to written articles only. Also featured on the same webpage, under the heading “Watch/Listen”, are filmed reports which previously appeared on BBC television news.

During the month of August, a total of twelve such reports relating to Israel appeared on the Middle East page and they are categorized here according to the number of days they were left up on the site. 

Appeared for one day:

Kerry hopeful on Mid-East talks despite settlement move


Appeared for two days:

Syria crisis: Israelis queue for gas masks – Richard Galpin.

Galpin gas masks

Israel frees Palestinian prisoners – Yolande Knell – discussed here.

Knell prisoner release

Israel frees Palestinian prisoners – Yolande Knell – discussed here.

Knell prisoner release 2

Shimon Peres: ‘Live in peace side by side’


Israel’s President Shimon Peres turns 90 – Lyse Doucet. 

Peres 90 Doucet

Appeared for three days:

Israeli hospital treats Syrian war-wounded – Sam Farah – discussed here.

Syrian wounded

Appeared for four days:

Would new Israeli ports bring efficiency or job losses? – Jonathan Frewin.

Ports Jonathan Frewin

Why Mid-East peace talks now? – Bethany Bell – discussed here. Originally posted in July, continued to run in August. 

Bell talks

Appeared for five days:

‘Last airlift’ of Ethiopian Jews to Israel – Emily Thomas. Still on the website at the time of writing.

Ethiopian new immigrants

New Israeli settlement homes anger Palestinians – Kevin Connolly – discussed here.

Connolly construction

Appeared for six days:

Palestinian prisoner release highlights divisions – Kevin Connolly – discussed here.

Connolly prisoner release

As we see, more than half of these filmed reports are connected to the subject of the talks between Israel and the Palestinians and in terms of exposure, that issue was the subject matter of two of the longest running reports. Seven of the items promote the theme of Israeli construction as ‘sabotaging’ or jeopardizing the talks (which was a major theme on the BBC News website throughout August) and the BBC-written synopsis of the report featuring Shimon Peres’ speech does the same. The total number of days the eight articles promoting that theme remained on the website is twenty-four.