The man who missed Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Our many readers with a keen interest in Israeli history will no doubt enjoy this recent Independence Day programme from the Voice of Israel.VoI interview Zvielli

“VOI’s Gil Hoffman is joined in-studio by Jerusalem Post archivist Alexander Zvielli, who has been working at the newspaper for 70 years. Zvielli recalls his experience on the night in February 1948, when the building of what was then called the “Palestine Post” was bombed by the British – and other stories from the period during which the state of Israel was born.”

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Letter to a BBC Jerusalem correspondent – from 1948

A long history of complaints of BBC distortion by omission

A long history of complaints of BBC distortion by omission

“The presentation of the Palestine issue to the British public by the BBC has, for the last two years or so, been a model of distortion by omission.”

Those words are not a quote from a previous BBC Watch article. They in fact appeared sixty-six years ago in the December 21st 1947 edition of the Palestine Post.

Don’t miss the last line!  

(For easier reading – click on the screen shots to enlarge.)

PP 21 12 47 a

PP 21 12 47 b

PP 21 12 47 c

PP 21 12 47 d

BBC Middle East reporting – in 1947

Over at the ‘My Right Word’ blog, Yisrael Medad has an interesting BBC-related cutting from a September 1947 edition of the ‘Palestine Post’ (now the Jerusalem Post). 

Take a look here.

A clue to the background to that story might perhaps be gleaned from a reader’s letter published in the Palestine Post a few months later – in December 1947.

Letter to PP re BBC

Plus ça change…