Upcoming BBC WS programme on Jews from Arab lands

Readers may be interested in having prior notice of a programme scheduled to be broadcast on the BBC World Service this coming Saturday, October 13th 2012, with repeats the following day. 

The two part programme is entitled “Arab Jews: A Forgotten Exodus”. 

For background on the use of the term ‘Arab Jews’, see this article from the blog ‘Point Of No Return’ and this essay by Lyn Julius from ‘Jewish Quarterly’.  

7 comments on “Upcoming BBC WS programme on Jews from Arab lands

  1. I bet it will claim Thos Jews were t Zionists. What it won’t say is they owned land that was at least twice the landmass of Israel which was stolen.

    A recent AlJazeera documentary on Greeks in Egypt blamed “jewish power” for US foreign policy in 1956.

  2. i listened to it. There was reference made to various pogroms and massacres of Jewish people in arab countries in the 40s, 50s and 60s. There was reference to the stealing of Jewish property by the Arab states

    there was a lot of use of the term “Zionist” in, what sounded to me in a perjorative tone – as if Zionism by it’s very definition was something bad indeed.

    “Arab Jews” as decribed by the BBC , ( i now understand that this term is offensive) were portrayed as victims which was perhaps unusual for the BBC who have pushed the Palestinian victim meme for so many years now.

    We are still a long way to go from the day when Israeli civilians under rocket attacks will be portrayed as victims . Not while Abu Bowen is in charge of the ME news desk !

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