Discussing the BBC

We are, of course, not the only ones keeping a watchful eye on the BBC at the moment, albeit in some cases for different reasons entirely. The recent scandals surrounding the corporation have also prompted others to discuss its adherence to its obligations as a public service.

Here are a couple of articles which readers may find of interest.

The BBC’s inbred culture and politically correct thought have ruined this valuable institution” by Norman Tebbit.

 “Lord Patten is the last man I’d choose to clean up the BBC” by Christopher Booker. 


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  1. Graet to disguss the things that are on pepolesmindsjimmy savile is justthe tip of. The iceburg what about the BBC that have got films documents and proof that Israel is telling the truth what’s realy going on and they are useing properganda to put the Arab world the palistinans in a great light which is all false that’s a fact . There are many things thatyhe bbc should answer to but they think there too bigto get found out about a lote of things the story on jimmy savile and Israel being used as a punch bag by the bully boys at the BBC .

  2. Christopher Booker:

    “But, with its Charter due for renewal in 2016, recent events are likely to make the case for breaking up this vast, corrupt, publicly funded empire stronger than ever. ”

    Yes, in a nutshell. BBC Watchers stay tuned.

  3. Well that would be cool. The BBC loses its public funding and thereby becomes more editorially free, becoming much more balanced and honest in its coverage like ITV and channel 4. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. You know if I were an apologist for the brutal, illegal occupation I would want the BBC to stay just like it is. So you can bang on about its public service responsibilities etc etc yawn inducing etc. Free it from this and it will be as free as ITV and channel four to tell it like it is. Be careful what you wish for.

    • You know if I were an apologist for the brutal, illegal occupation I would want the BBC to stay just like it is.
      Exactly. You are an apologist for the brutal and illegal occupation of Gaza by the islamofascists and you want the BBC stay as it is – a biased cesspit for far left losers and antisemites funded by the taxpayers.

  5. Imean you guys dont have a Chennel 4 watch do you ? Because you know that Channel 4 would be free to, and would, just tell you to go screw yourselves. Be careful what you wish for.

    • I think it’s fair to assume rich a has blown many things in his time….. mostly Palestinian.

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