BBC’s ‘Question Time’ features uninterrupted anti-Israel misinformation

The November 22nd 2012 edition of the BBC’s ‘Question Time’, which raised much controversy, is available here for UK viewers only. 

The part of the programme which – judging from our inbox – many found offensive and objectionable was the two minute and eighteen second uninterrupted diatribe of lies, misrepresentation and distortions by ‘The Independent’ columnist Owen Jones

It is one thing to promote ‘robust debate’ between differing viewpoints – an essential part of any democratic society.

It is quite another for an institution charged with making sure it “gives information about, and increases understanding of, the world through accurate and impartial news, other information, and analysis of current events and ideas” to allow a torrent of misinformation to pass without correction by the BBC presenter managing the debate.

In order to understand the significance of the BBC’s inaction in this and many other cases of anti-Israel propaganda being passed off as ‘opinion’, it is sufficient to see who is now promoting the BBC-sanitized clip above – some examples here, here and here.   




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  1. By the way, besides complaining, some well placed FOI (Freedom of information) requests may make the BBC slightly uncomfortable. If you find a particularly biased or inaccurate program, see if you can do a FOI on any editorial decisions made. They’ll probably refuse under the Balen excuse, but still may be worth it.

  2. You just can’t take it can you. In my house we cheered (with the Question Time audience) when Owen Jones spoke some truth to the pusillanimous UK politicians who parotted the Israeli line. Incidentally just which part of the ‘torrent of misinformation’ are you challenging?

    • “Incidentally just which part of the ‘torrent of misinformation’ are you challenging?”

      If you can’t work it out,, Sencar, then you’re obviously as misinformed as Owen Jones.

      That said, I’ve seen your name on another blog where this misinformation is corrected time and time again. It isn’t that you don’t know; it’s that you don’t want to know so I’d be a little more cautious about making statements like ‘You just can’t take it, can you?”

        • What sort of debate do you want, Sencar? The type that uses references taken from source – such as Eugene Rostow – or the hype from plastic intifada sites?

          • “What sort of debate do you want, Sencar?”

            Just a response to any of the specific points raised by Owen Jones.

      • Sigh.

        Unfortunately, Sencar, your CiFWatch reputation marches in front of you. I know full well that many of the false claims made by Jones have been addressed on CiFWatch, and, as Hadar wrote for that site – and with the same evidence-based approach we see on this site – you are clearly not here to interact with others in good faith. You already know that she can and has exposed Jones’ points on the blockade and occupation – to name but two – as false.

        If you looked on this site, beginning in October, you will find evidence that Jones is wrong on the ceasefire and how the deaths of 13 Palestinians – who Jones calls ‘fighters’ anyway (so what was his point?) – occurred.

        If you find the Hamas forum you will see photos of the man Jones said was mentally disabled. In one of these photos he is seen with Hamas operatives, wearing body armour and carrying a weapon. He is also shown in his shroud – the Hamas flag. Does Hamas have among its rank the mentally disabled? Perhaps the socially-minded Jones should find out.

        Jones flapped on about some kind of peace / truce talks going on between Israel and Hamas at the time of Jabari’s death. In fact the only person saying this is Gershon Baskin – a left-wing activist who claims he had ‘drafted a paper’, If even that is true (he seems to lack both credibility and evidence) Jones made a gigantic and false leap between an activist drafting a paper and an Israel-Hamas talk of a truce. Furthermore, there is no such claim being made by Hamas.I rather think they would be making hay out of such an opportunity. Anyhow, before taking to a TV studio I think I would want a little more than Baskin’s word before I opened my mouth.

        I’m not going to go through every single nonsensical and irresponsible point made by Jones – he makes so many and I’ve only so much time. Plus, I know from experience that I might just as well address this comment to a brick wall – evidence will never alter your mind. Still, I will post a link to a paper written by Eugene Rostow, a co-author of Res 242 regarding Jones repeating the myths of the occupation. I jhave no expectation of you reading it but who knows, perhaps Jones will stumble across his name here, read the comments and have the courage to follow the link and see just how he has been sucked into spouting propaganda. If anyone should know the terms of the occupation then it’s the guy who wrote them.

  3. Duvidl hasn’t watched Question Time since the paly-pal audience made the US Ambassador cry on air. Thank you Hadar and BBC Watch for notifying us about why it is still not worth watching.

  4. Owen Jones has many good points and commentates well on social issues.

    On Israel/Palestine he is far too ill-informed to offer anything useful to the debate. So he always blames everything entirely on Israel, and gets his much-craved applause from bigots. Whenever challenged on his shaky position, he has a handful of defensive, stock responses.

    To be fair, I know little about the Tamil Tiger issue. So if, I spouted about it I expect I’d trip myself up quickly too. The difference is I don’t talk about issues I don’t understand.

    • “On Israel/Palestine he is far too ill-informed to offer anything useful to the debate”

      On the contrary it seemed to me that he was better informed than any of the other panellists, who for the most part simply repeated Israeli propaganda about defence against Hamas rockets. Jones had gone to the trouble of finding out the sequence of events leading up to the conflict, including the fact that Israel chose to assassinate a Hamas leader at precisely the time that he was considering truce terms brokered by Egypt – thus scuppering immediate prospects of peace and (deliberately?) escalating the violence. Now we have a ceasefire on terms very similar to those available before the conflict started but after multiple deaths and injuries. Nice one, Israel.

      • All his information is diatribes propaganda that he spews out with such authority that ill informed fools – much like your good self – actually believe him. Do watch the clip below to see just how stupid he is – and so arrogant he didn’t even blush when shown to be a fool on air!

  5. Owen Jones is a complete moron. If you want to see a car crash of an interview he gave, see here – it’s very funny!

    • So there you go – the man is a total fool. He speaks with such certainly that too many people simply accept his rubbish, unless of course you know more about the topic he is diatribing about to realise that he is not only a pratt, but he is a fabricator of propaganda. He hates “rich” people so he feeds the masses misinformation about their earnings etc etc! He didnt even blush when his poor math skills were outed! He sounds like Hendrijk Verwoerd who once said “I never had the slightest doubt that I might ever be wrong”. Lets remember of course that Verwoerd too hated Jews and like Owen’s support of the inheritors of the Nazi agenda, Verwoerd supported the Nazis – following in the footsteps of the immorality of totalitarian dictators disguised as democrats!

  6. I’ve mostly had quite a bit of respect for Nigel Farage, until now. But on the same Question Time as Owen Jones, I’m afraid he lost it with me.
    Appears he’s now willing to get more into line with the desired BBC view, perhaps to get more appearances and mention.

    On the question at 51:07 Who’s wrong – Hamas or Israel

    NF – In all arguments there’s faults on both sides, isn’t there?
    I’ve always tried to defend Israel, to defend their right to have their nation, and I sympathize with them because they’re surrounded by countries, in some cases, that want to obliterate them off the face of the earth.
    But if they respond to whatever pro…(splutter)..provocation they get, effectively assassinating a leading figure on the other side, they simply can’t be surprised if rockets appear on their territory.

    DD – So you differ from the Foreign Secretary who says Hamas bears principle responsibility?

    NF – I do on this, I do on this, and there’s always fault on both sides in a fight like this – (then a little dig on Tony Blair)

    With supporters like him, who needs enemies?

    Even Harriet Harman knew enough to tell that Hamas were firing rockets before Israel targeted this terrorist.

    If you want to get on in this country – sacrifice the Jews, we’ve seen it throughout history. Principally which is why the Jews want their own country.

    Interesting that this week a couple of foster parents were accused of being racist as a result of belonging to UKIP, and had their foster children removed. While I believe the accusation is ludicrous, but highlights how the left-wing mindset, led by the BBC, views anybody not supporting all the nuances that ‘multicultural’ is supposed to benefit society, as racist.

    However Nigel Farage has the opportunity now to respond and correct these stupid assumptions, which gives him a bit more publicity than he might have had otherwise. Unfortunately Israel doesn’t get to correct his ridiculous statements.

    BBC = Blatantly Biased Corruption AND Big Brother Coverage AND Brainwashing British Citizens AND Breast-Beating Conmen AND Bloated Baleful Calumny AND Brutish Bullying Cowards

    • If you’ve had any repect for Nigel Farage that puts you at the nutter end of the spectrum of British politics. On this occasion Nigel attempted to spread the blame for the conflict. No serious British politician can stand up and condemn Israel; the lobby would have him/her trashed in no time. UKIP is at best a sideshow so Nigel can speak out a bit more freely. We need more like Owen Jones who can tell it like it is.

  7. You’re not going to waste too much of my time. You can THINK anything the BBC or your Imam tells you to think. What you won’t have is proper facts. logic. or a moral reasoning to support it. Which is clear to you judging by your avoidance here and above to post any.

    Jerk yourself off!

  8. I saw the repeat of this programme earlier this evening. Owen Jones came across as a callow youth with an inflated sense of his own importance, and a dogmatic embittered class warrior of the old school. I am glad that the (second) young man wearing the kippah upbraided him on his lack of knowledge of the ME conflict, especially regarding the “1967 borders”.
    Unfortunately, judging by the amount of applause that Jones’s diatribe against Israel got, there are many people receptive to his claims.

    • The audience is selected after they have filled in a questionnaire so it is not necessarily representative. However, having said that, a young cheeky chap with an Oxford degree can spread propaganda that attracts the street. He is typical of the left wing support for the red/green alliance spurred on by their illogical Jew hatred. There are many of those in the UK.

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