BBC stars in 2012 Dishonest Reporting Awards

‘Tis the season for the annual Dishonest Reporting Awards courtesy of Honest Reporting, and this year the BBC ‘stars’ at the top of two categories. 

Jon Donnison takes the Biggest Twit (UK)award with this incident. No surprises there. 

Mishal Husain beats off some pretty stiff competition from her own organisation to top the Worst Ambush Interview category with her ‘Not enough Israelis killed by “home-made contraptions” performance. 

Read about the rest of the awards here.

32 comments on “BBC stars in 2012 Dishonest Reporting Awards

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  2. “Honest Reporting” awards… seriously guys, you need to read the real press – you know, the one written by real journalists who hold a press card.

    There are plenty of excellent media in Israel, why refer to a tiny political website which lacks credibility?

        • Well ” Honest Reporting would deffo win the ” name that if read as a definite description would most effectively mislead ” award. Pushing Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety into an abject second place.

        • I would appreciate some examples, wherein “Honest Reporting” has either mislead, misrepresented or skewed facts.

    • Nat, I have read your burblings on CiFWatch. It seems that your current obsession is with press cards and journalists.

      I should remind you that this is not a therapy group.

          • “Hasbara bullshit” — do elaborate on that, Rich A/Armbach/Leonidas/RZ — whatever works for you.
            I am still waiting for those examples of Honest Rep.-‘s mendacity and perfidy.
            I don’t quite see them, however, forthcoming.
            And yes, you’re a troll; not quite a la “Nat”, but you’re very close to joining his ranks.

    • Gnat, you made the accusation previously that Israeli plce had deliberately killed an unarmed Palestinian 16 year old, presumably for sport.

      The video has now been released of the incident, clearly showing the 17 year old (not 16) attacking the policeman. It was also not a toy gun, as you alleged, but a lighter made to look like a gun, which apparently he produced before attcking the policeman (and continued to hold in his right hand throughout his attack).

      Will you apologise?

      • Dear Adam, you have a strange tendency to make up facts. I never said that the Israeli police had “deliberately killed an unarmed Palestinian 16 year old, presumably for sport”.

        I suggest you Google the term “libel”.

        I said that your website, which claims to be monitoring the BBC, is not working as independent media do. You basically copy-paste reports from the spokespersons of the Israeli army or from the Government of Israel without doing any proper investigation on the ground as real journalists – BBC and Israeli media included – do.

        I also said that writing “Here is the photo of the gun used by the Palestinian teenager” in one of your previous posts demonstrated poor standards. Any serious media would have written: “Here is the photo provided by a spokesperson for the Israeli army, who said that this was the gun used by the Palestinian teenager”.

        As for the video, it is so grainyt that it was impossible to learn anything from it.

        • You’ve literally copied and pasted the exact same reply, from a different thread.
          You really are a rather imbecilic troll.

          • Dear Commentary, Mr Levick literally copied and pasted the exact same question to me, from a different thread.

            As a result, I copied and pasted the exact same reply from that thread.

            Will you call him a “rather imbecilic troll”?

          • And here’s another thing:
            He’s not Adam Levick, you cretin!
            Furthermore, you didn’t even bother to correct the typos and grammatical errors you had had, in your “original” comment. So, care to explain that, troll?
            Lastly, Adam’s query still stands.
            And, you’re still a troll.
            Everybody wins, by my count(excepting you, but I don’t tally bots).

    • Nat, why does one have to be a member of the press before offering a critique of it?

      Does one have to be an author before offering an opinion on a book?

      • Nat, it really is a most stupid argument. So if you’re not an artist, you aren’t allowed an opinion on a work of art, if you’re not a bricklayer, you can’t say if a building is straight…

        Your intellectual poverty becomes more glaringly obvious with every silly post you write.

        By the way, the video isn’t grainy – you simply don’t want to admit a mistake.

        • Well said, Adam!
          Nat really does come out with some strange observations!

          (I’m reminded of that line in Fawlty Towers, where the psychiatrist observes to his wife of Basil: “There’s material there for an entire conference!”)

      • A classic scene Daphne – all I need to see is Gnat jumping up and down with his hands over his head in mad frustration a la Basil Fawlty!

  3. I would appreciate some examples, wherein “Honest Reporting” has either mislead, misrepresented or skewed facts.

    Just for starters ” honest reporting ”

    It seems that commentary regards ” troll ” as his never failing get out of jail card. Sigh

  4. Well done for giving that award to Mishal Husain. I thought she did a really good job in teasing out the truth about Israel’s murderous onslaught from the IDF apologist. In fairness to Mr Hoffman,he didn’t say things like ‘there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza’. However he could have been more forthright in his condemnation of the IDF bullies and cowards. She could have quizzed him about his view on the possibility of sanctions. And she could have asked him how he would feel if Ehud Barak was dragged in front of the Court at the Hague. I missed the ambush.


  5. Judging by the number of trolls and the extent of their infection this blog seems to be upsetting quite a lot of Jew haters.

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