BBC bizarre punctuation mystery solved?

We have written previously about the BBC’s sometimes bizarre use of punctuation, including the recent headlines “Israel-Gaza crisis: ‘Bomb blast’ on bus in Tel Aviv” and “Palestinian ‘with axe’ killed by Israeli forces in West Bank”

On a less serious note, but still on the same subject, this Tweet recently caught our eye:


The accompanying picture speaks for itself. (Lynne Truss: if you’re reading, turn away now!)

IC 2

5 comments on “BBC bizarre punctuation mystery solved?

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  2. As a ‘reader’ of your blog, I am ‘greatly alarmed’ by this latest ‘BBC Crisis’, and feel we should all ‘do our bit’ to help ‘Auntie’.. Might I suggest we start a ‘Punctuation Fund’? Even if readers cannot afford an ‘apostrophe’ or a ‘quotation mark’ they should not be ‘dismayed’. Just one tiny ‘comma’ will help support a ‘BBC journalist’ in his/her ‘quest’ to complete a ‘sentence’.

    “Thank You”

    • What people on this website do not want you to know: anyone who tries to contradict their marginal views is censored.

      Seems like they are annoyed at people who come with FACTS and who remind them of INTERNATIONAL LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS LAW.

      Israel is a democracy, where freedom of expression and freedom of the press are protected.

      Do Adam Levick and Hadar Sela feel unable to engage in an intellectual debate where some people contradict them using FACTS and FIGURES?

      It seems they do.

  3. It is quite incredible how using quotations does change the meaning.

    It is ‘quite incredible’ how ‘using’ ‘quotations’ does change ‘the’ ‘meaning’.

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