Bell pepper tolls alarm in Lebanon

The BBC Arabic Service in Lebanon’s Nada Abdelsamad Tweeted the following news on January 3rd 2013:

pepper lebanon

BBC audiences in the West will perhaps be pondering over the necessity to inform the world of an Israeli pepper in a supermarket – after all that is exactly where one would expect to find them.

But not in Lebanon, where the discovery by a startled shopper prompted the calling in of the local authorities, the police and even the army to deal with the thirteen bags of offending peppers and an investigation is now underway into this breach of national security. 

As Al Arabiya reported under the delightful headline “Red Hot ‘Israeli’ Peppers: Lebanese army combat supermarket veg”:

“Laws in the country stipulate that Lebanese citizens are categorically forbidden to enter into business agreements, direct or indirect, with Israeli suppliers. This applies whether the supplier is a company or individual and whether they live in Israel or simply work for its benefit.

Also banned from Lebanon is any international company that has branches in Israel or commercial agreements with Israeli companies.”

Peace (or even peas) in our time? 


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  1. Also banned from Lebanon is any international company that has branches in Israel or commercial agreements with Israeli companies.

    Very brave of them.

    Presumably they are devoid of smart phones and PCs too. And I suppose that ‘Microsoft Windows’ is banned too.

    I feel truly sorry for any country having to ban Israeli produce for whatever reason. It is so part and partial of our lives now days.

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  3. So when there is a famine and Israel is the only place that they can get foodstuffs that they want , they will not buy them , will they ? Remembering Egypt’s famine in Biblical times and Joseph’s brothers had to come to Egypt to buy . There is a prophesy about famine coming and no one is listening as usual . They cannot eat Microsoft or a PC . One day they will have to eat humble pie . Something most people are not comfortable with . Silly people . The LORD has always blessed Israel and He is not going to change his mind on this occasion .

    • Don’t worry for Lebanon, they have close ties to several Western countries and the Lebanese diaspora is rich and successful. They are resilient people.

  4. Stuff ’em. (Peppers and people, that is). Duvidl recommends an Israeli recipe.

  5. Breaking News, Monday 10.30 a.m. 83-year-old Ex BBC “It’s a Knockout” comedy game show presenter Stuart Hall pleads “Not Guilty” to three counts of indecent assault.

    Duvidl’s suggestion, if found guilty: Stuart could spend some time with the lifers at Glagow’s Barlinnie prison contemplating the true meaning of “It’s a Knockout.”

  6. No mention of the history of Jews in Gaza here:

    Gaza’s archaeological treasures at risk from war and neglect

    Settled by civilisations spanning some five millennia, Gaza has been built layer-upon-layer since the Bronze Age.

    As each era ended, its people left behind remnants of their times – churches, monasteries, palaces and mosques, as well as thousands of precious artefacts.

    “Underneath Gaza there is a whole other Gaza, but every archaeological site here is found by accident,” says Hayam Albetar, an archaeologist at the Hamas-run Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

    No Jews though, says Hamas.

    Plenty of blaming the Jews:

    The ministry is the official body in charge of archaeological digs and artefact preservation – but their work has faced many obstacles recently.

    Its offices were damaged when the Abu Khadra governmental complex housing them was flattened by Israeli bombs during the conflict with militants in November.

    Many historical sites were also damaged during the hostilities, ministry officials say.


    For Hayam Albetar though, despite the adversities, working at the ministry is a labour of love designed to preserve as much of Gaza as she can.

    It is not only war that makes her job so hard. Israel strictly controls passage out of Gaza, for what it says are security reasons, and does not allow in machinery and other equipment which it suspects can be used against it by militants.

    “People working here can’t travel for training outside and we are only able to use local tools, which don’t allow us to excavate in a precise manner,” Ms Albetar said .

    “Some excavation materials are considered dual use by Israel, so we cannot get the materials needed to clean and restore coins, for example.”


  7. i just read that ‘article’ in the BBC….. absolute shocking white wash of history.. the sooner that bloated corrupt organisation is disbanded the better

    • Elder of Ziyon is a far right wing political blog supporting the settlement policy and the occupation of the territory of the state of Palestine, in contravention of international law. People blogging on this website are not journalists, but activists.

      • I think you forget to mention, “Nat”, that you’re a paid troll for some malign agency.
        Anything you pronounce about anyone, is as insignificant as your existence.
        Let’s face it: certain call-girls can take greater pride in their profession than you; yourself — spamming blogs for money –is about as low as a human being can get.

  8. We have a policy of making sure that Israeli produce on the shelf is unsaleable.It’s called a Boycott. We tried it out in the seventies and eighties with another Apartheid state.It worked!


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