Professor Robbie Sabel on “sui generis”

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In the short but thought-provoking video below, Professor Robbie Sabel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem talks about the subject of often quoted (including, of course, by the BBC) supposed “international law” and “sui generis” – how such laws are applied only to Israel.


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  1. I attended a workshop led by Prof. Robbie Sabel. He is one of those who can inform in a way that holds your attention, and is able to clarity, with ease, terminology-dense subjects. He’s also incredibly positive..

  2. With regard to the security barrier, another point that I would explore is the duty of care a government has to its people. This is its primary responsibility, mentioned only last night by Ming Campbell as being absolutely the case. So I wonder if, in the absence of the security barrier or attempts to destroy rockets and rocket launchers based in Gaza, and assuming the terrorism continued apace,whether Israel would have been failing in its primary duty and therefore liable under another law? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    As for right of return, there cannot be an international law on this matter because it would be fraught with inconsistencies, difficulties and – as we see so clearly in the case of Palestinians living outside of the territories who have not been granted citizenship – open to political manipulation. What currently exists is that countries offering right of return set their own rules and they are not identical at all nor, apparently, bound by this mysterious international law.

  3. Israel claims to be a “Liberal” democracy where all races and creeds are tolerated and can prosper. It claims to be a “Partner for Peace” in it’s dispute with the Palestinians. It claims to suscribe  to the aims and objectives of the comity of nations. It actually does claim to be “in a class of its own”! All these claims are delusional ( apart from the last one ) and based on a collection of myths stemming from it’s inception( birth?) in 1948. These myths are like sticking plasters which are trotted out at every opportunity to defend the indefensible. There is nothing liberal about a democracy which so casually discriminates against 20% of it’s population. There is nothing liberal about a system which in reality places one race above all others within it’s borders. It has annexed 22% of historic Palestine in contravention of the laws of war and conquest. It subjects the civilian population of this area to an increasingly oppressive regime of collective punishment. It has imprisoned or detained many of the inhabitants of this area without charge. It has carried out a deliberate policy to increase poverty,destroy infrastructure and limit or curtail  economic development. It condones the destruction of property by it’s citizens,police and military. It allows it’s citizens and agents to carry out acts of physical assault and even murder with impunity. So it does look as though Israel “is in a class of it’s own”!


    • sprats the Jew hater raises his ugly head again. Not content with trying to whitewash racist abuse aimed at Jews, he then turns every single blogpost into a frothing at the mouth attack on Israel and her people. She can do no right – she was born in sin, her people must be made to pay!And he will obsessively do the best he can to ensure it does.

      1. It is the Palestinians who are refusing to come to the table.
      2. It is the Palestinians who elected a genocidal terror group who, as official policy, advocate the killing of every last Jew on earth.
      3. It is the Palestinians who are led by a Holocaust denier, Abbas.
      4. It is the Palestinians who rejected the UN partition plan.
      5. It is the Palestinians who teach their children genocidal racism in their schools.
      6. It is the Palestinians who insist on any areas administered by them being Jew free – not one Jew can remain. Of course, that’s not discrimination or racism.

      sprats, get a life.

    • You write confidently about the abuses carried out by the Israeli State against the Palestinians (who themselves only ‘appeared’ in the late 1960s). However have you actually seen evidence on the ground of the discrimination and abuse you describe?
      Your comments seem to be just a rehash of the received wisdom and hearsay gleaned from the usual suspects and gives no credit to the state for the greatly improved quality of life enjoyed by many Israeli Arabs and indeed by those on the West Bank.

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