About that ‘peace in the Middle East’ thing…

h/t Michael Totten’s World Affairs blog.

The next time someone tells you that peace in the Middle East could be attained if Israel would just stop building apartments in the ‘wrong’ places, try pointing them in the direction of this film. 

Co-produced by Darius Bazargan and Wadih al Hayek, it was shown on BBC Arabic television last month and has also been featured in an article on the BBC News website’s Middle East page.

It definitely deserves an even broader audience, especially in the West. In the broader sense, this film also puts the case for the wider use by the BBC of commissioned work by local film-makers and Middle East experts. 

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  1. Watched most of it. Amazing to see a documentry by the BBC about violence and strife in Lebanon without anyone blaming the Israelis.

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