A BBC documentary in progress

Decorated stone from the Second Temple era Synagogue at Migdal

It would appear that Melvyn Bragg is making a documentary about the New Testament figure of Mary Magdalene for the BBC and has recently visited places in Israel and the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories as part of the process. 

Bragg writes on his BBC blog:

“The last few weeks have been fast motion. [….] Then there’s been filming […] in Israel and Palestine on Mary Magdalene – documentaries for the BBC …”

Among his descriptions of the region we find this: [emphasis added]

“In Bethlehem I went to a hill which overlooked the winery and the ever-extending Wall and settlements which have an air of fortresses.”

One can but hope that the finished documentary will manage to steer clear of such gratuitous, politically influenced exaggerations. 


8 comments on “A BBC documentary in progress

    • Perhaps you miss the point. Documentaries of a religious nature should remain within those boundaries. We’ve already seen the BBC’s reporter hijack Christmas Eve in Bethlehem for political reasons rather than showing a little respect to the millions of Christians for whom the meaning of that festival is not the Palestinians.

    • Of course you can bet Mary will be dressed in a hijab and Joseph will be draped in a kaffiyeh walking steps ahead of his heavily pregnant wife who will be tugging a laden donkey up the hill with an Israeli army sergeant barring their entry to Bethlehem. Low threshold? No, just seen it before hundreds of times!

  1. It’s not our low threshold, but the desire and ability of every pundit, commentator and journalist to grasp the opportunity to bash the Jews and Israel regardless of the topic to hand. Mary Magdaline really has nothing to do with Melvyn Bragg’s opinion of Jewish towns he and others willingly refer to as settlements, thus defining them as something evil and racist. Perhaps he forgets that in Mary Magdaline’s day the entire region was inhabited by Jews and Palestinians didn’t exist. So why does he not rather, if he wants to be political in a religious topic, refer the audience to Jews living in their ancient homeland with a wall of protection that secures the lives of the original inhabitants of the region against human rights abuses by the usurper Arabs and supported by Western anti-Semites? For me, I’d prefer to learn something factual about Mary Magdaline rather than Bragg’s erroneous interpretation of the security needs of the Jews who suffered interminable death and wounding by Arab terror until that wall was built to keep them safe. Anyway, Bragg is really past his learn from date and its high time he took to his rocking chair.

    • You might also have mentioned the constant carping by the anti Israel crowd about “The Wall”. Never mentioned is it’s ending of a massive Palestinian terror campaign. But then, I think most of the “pundits” would be happy with more Jewish blood. Just look at BBCs and most other MSM news outlets coverage of “Pillar of Cloud”. By the way, I did like your comment.

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