In his own words: Abdel Bari Atwan on BBC Arabic TV

As we have noted here before, the Gaza-born editor of the London-based Arabic language newspaper ‘Al Quds Al Arabi’ Abdel Bari Atwan is a frequent guest on programmes such as Newsnight and Dateline London, as well as on the BBC World Service and Radio 4.

Atwan is of course known for his controversial and often offensive opinions – not least his endorsements of terror attacks against Israelis and his claim that he would “dance with delight” in Trafalgar Square were Iranian missiles to hit Tel Aviv. Such opinions do not appear to constitute a barrier to his habitual participation in BBC programmes: in fact quite the opposite appears to be the case.

Here he is in a 2010 interview on BBC Arabic television – now translated by MEMRI – in which he is given free rein to praise Bin Laden, promote anti-Americanism and propagate the notion that Israel “is occupying our lands”. 

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  1. It might be of interest to admin to note that the esteemed Jonathan Marcus of the BBC responded to the article criticising his take on the Iron Dome. It’s way down the page so I dunno if anyone will notice it.

    The BBC World Service might as well change its name to BBC Arabic in English or perhaps BBC Islam, since there is this ridiculous over-emphasis on the Muslim world – as if something of note seldom happens anywhere else.

    • ABC. A nice combination. Arab Broadcasting Service. Or. ABBC. Arab-British Broadcasting Service.

      Lots of possibilities.

          • What a story. There’s Donnison again, doing his best to portray the Israelis as evil jailers and the Palestinians as noble fighters for the resistance.

            Typically, Donnison steers well clear of what these terrorists have done to warrant their long jail terms.

            And he would never dream of comparing their Holiday Inn treatment to that of Gilad Shalit, denied even one Red Cross visit while held in Gaza, let alone family visits, and so weak and malnourished when he was released that he fainted on the helicopter trip back to Israel.

  2. The BBC is promoting and sponsoring murderous fascist anti-Semites.
    Nothing new to see here folks. Move on…

  3. “For me Sheik Osama Bin Laden is a great man. I hold this man in great esteem.

    The killing of 3000 innocent people is of course a deplorable act. However the country that has caused us in the region the most damage is the US. The US destroyed Iraq and it supports Israel which is occupying our lands.

    The fact is that no one has caused more damage to the US than Al-Qaeda. So far Al-Qaeda has cost the US more than $850 billion, in addition to the 4000 soldiers who were killed and the 30,000 who were injured.”

    So the more damage done to the US the better, irrespective of the death of x thousand innocents. The more Al-Qaeda can kill the more Abdel Bari Atwan will hold them in great esteem. So by what means can Al-Qaeda kill on an even greater scale than 9/11? I wonder how he would answer this question in a similar fit of honesty.

    This by a BBC regular. Unbelievable.

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