News, UK Jews and the BBC

As readers of the Jewish Chronicle and The Commentator may already be aware, a recently released report from the Institute for Jewish Policy Research reveals that according to data collected in early 2010, whilst 88% of the Jewish community in the UK watched BBC television news and 52% used the BBC News website, 79% of those polled perceived some degree of bias against Israel in BBC-produced material. 36% considered the BBC’s output to be ‘heavily biased’ and 43% considered it ‘somewhat biased’ against Israel. 

The full report can be read here

5 comments on “News, UK Jews and the BBC

  1. Fascinating report. Thanks for passing it on, Hadar.

    JPR Conclusion (first phrase): “The market for news delivery has changed beyond
    Duvidl’s conclusion (in total): Watch Sky and other news sources, not the BBC.

  2. I wouldn’t trust al-Beeb as far as I could throw it. The programme last evening about sharia courts in the UK was a case in point – it piddled about in the shallows, showed one bearded “sage” lying through his teeth (and we could see that he was) and yet never once confronted him with the lies he told.

  3. PS: All of which begs the question as to why the programme was shown at all, given that it showed sharia in a very bad light, particularly as regards the woeful lack of rights for women. Ideas anyone?

  4. Ynet News have picked up the story now. I’m only surprised at their surprise. Wasn’t it obvious all along that the BBC and the Guardian were biased against Israel? I thought it was an open secret. Not even a secret actually.

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