BBC recognizes that the Mavi Marmara was not an “aid ship”

As we noted here on March 24th, in the plethora of BBC reports concerning what it (wrongly) termed the “Israeli apology for flotilla deaths”, the ‘Mavi Marmara’ was repeatedly and inaccurately described as an “aid ship” and its passengers framed as “activists”. 

One of those articles was amended on April 8th and the word “aid” was removed from the description of the ship, with the following footnote added to the report.

Aid ship

Whilst additional amendments would have contributed to bringing this report and others into line with the standards of accuracy demanded by the BBC Editorial Guidelines, this is nevertheless a (small) step in the right direction. 

It would of course be useful to members of the general public considering making a complaint – and hence help to conserve publicly funded BBC resources – were such corrections routinely published on a dedicated page on the BBC News website. Currently, the BBC’s ‘Corrections and Clarifications‘ page does not fill that function.

5 comments on “BBC recognizes that the Mavi Marmara was not an “aid ship”

  1. That’s only a half correction… From what I remember, most of the ‘aid’ found in the flotilla ships were used, often junk items.

    The flotilla wasn’t “aid”, it was an attempt to break the blockade of Gaza, by forcing a confrontation with the Israeli navy, and came prepared for violence.

  2. True, some of the material was older and refused by the recipients. Also, some of the “aid” was in the form of bullet proof vests, gas masks, night vision goggles, etc.

  3. The ship was an attempt to force a confrontation with Israel by breaking the blockade. It is a pity that the ship was not noted for what it was. The participants were prepared for violence and knew it would happen. Israel, as a nation, at that time, could not have allowed the cargo to go through without inspection. I read John Kerry compared the incident and its deaths with the bombing of innocent civilians at the Boston marathon. That does a disservice to the people at the Marathon who had nothing to do with their demise. If Kerry was comparing the grief of both at the loss of their relatives, then grief for relatives can always be compared but the choice was deceptive. Particularly coming at a time when Israel has been forced to pay reparations for an incident which would have been benign, if the participants stoad down when they were boarded.
    Marilyn G

  4. The Israeli Navy should have quite simply sunk the ship in international waters, making it look like an accident. In the process they could have, then, rescued everybody and reaped the undying gratitude of everyone on board. That would have been an ideal spin on the entire affair 😉

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