BBC 4 programme cancellation sprouts conspiracy theories

On this recent thread a visitor to the comments section appeared to think that BBC Watch should have some kind of inside information – and opinion – on the cancellation of a programme scheduled for broadcast on BBC Four a few days ago. 

Ilan Ziv

Like everyone else, we have not seen the programme – which we understand to be a shorter version of a feature film.  We are, therefore, obviously unable to comment either on the programme itself or on the speculations surrounding the reasons for its cancellation. 

Over at Harry’s Place, however, is a link to a blogpost on the subject of the cancellation written by the filmmaker Ilan Ziv. In the comments to a separate blogpost included in the HP article, one notes the sprouting of conspiracy theories connecting the cancellation of the programme to a recent (and unrelated) BBC appointment which has not even come into effect. 

How tediously predictable and… sad. 

3 comments on “BBC 4 programme cancellation sprouts conspiracy theories

  1. I published a couple of articles on CiF Watch about the conspiracy theory mindset, and a key aspect of it is its imperviousness to change and the tendency of those who believe conspiracy theories to be paranoid and feel powerless. In other words, this is a cockeyed and unhealthy and defeating way for them to make sense of their world.

    Also, if you believe that said conspiracy theorists are likely to believe your statement above, then you are very mistaken. They’ll be thinking “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?”


  2. I saw the increasingly… intense comments by “Mike Sales” who seemed to think BBC Watch had some inside information (or perhaps was even responsible for) the cancellation and seemed incapable of understanding that it wasn’t your responsibility.

    It was extremely bizarre to read.

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