BBC Jerusalem Bureau personnel changes

Readers may have noticed that the BBC News website’s Middle East page has not carried any Israel-related items since May 30th

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ME HP 31 5

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At least part of the reason for that may perhaps be explained by the news that Wyre Davies has relocated to Brazil and Jon Donnison is apparently en route to Australia. 

Twitter Davies Rio

Donnison Twitter header

BBC Watch wishes their as yet unknown replacements enjoyable, accurate and impartial reporting from the Middle East. 

10 comments on “BBC Jerusalem Bureau personnel changes

  1. Blimey, if anything kicks off in the BRIC or Julia pulls another ripper out the bag, I don’t hold out much hope for any voices of legitimate opposition in these countries if they don’t fall under BBC ‘narrative-compliant’ terms.

    Plus side, that’s two more regions (that said, there is still a large chunk of Asia in the N. Hemisphere that Mr. Donnison surely can’t work his magic on, so I may still keep that) from BBC World Map really not worth paying attention to either.

  2. Whoever the new correspondents are, they’ll be dependent on Palestinian stringers wholly controlled by Fatah on the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza. They’ll hang out in the Palestinian owned American Colony Hotel where they and their fellow UK & US foreign correspondents see the Palestinians as downtrodden oppressed victims seeking liberation and the Israelis as colonialists and settlers bent on stealing land and defying both international law and world opinion.

  3. Yippee. Is James Harding, the BBC’s forthcoming TV news controller as of August, beginning to sweep clean, as a new broom? We shall soon see, while awaiting the future of BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen. Jeremy is based, Duvidl believes, in cozy London and speaks no Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi or indeed Turkish to help cover the unfolding turmoil in Taksim Square. Nevertheless, Duvidl repeats his cautious comment from the “Jeremy on Iran” thread today:

    Duvid Crockett, King of Delancey Street, /Home of gefilte fish and kosher meat
    JUNE 3, 2013 @ 2:37 AM
    Jeremy’s more than 15 years’ tenure as BBC Middle East editor will be the litmus test of James Harding’s new job as BBC news controller, beginning in August. James, who has said he supports Israel, would seem to be under some pressure to appoint a new Middle East editor. He might also seem to be poised to reveal the conclusions of the BBC commissioned and suppressed Balen report on its coverage of Israel following last year’s atrocious revelations of the late Sir Jimmy’s Savile’s six decades of child rape and abuse, some on BBC premises. But then, this is the BBC, leftist hegemon relic of the Soviet era, so Duvidl is not holding his breath that Jeremy will go or that James will change anything much at all.

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