Photo caption on BBC Golan Heights profile page corrected


Bental before


Bental after

Unfortunately, the other errors noted in that article have yet to be corrected. 

5 comments on “Photo caption on BBC Golan Heights profile page corrected

  1. Tee hee. The beeboid picture desk, having been made to look utterly incompetent by your previous article and photo, Hadar, has precisely copied your article’s wording “tourist attraction” in the re-captioned photo. Do you think these beeboid Bozos might give you an editorial attribution or pay you an editorial royalty fee? Duvidl thinks not. Rock on BBC Watch.

  2. Fur those who might want to visit this tourist attraction, there is a wonderful little restaurant there with friendly people working there. The restaurant is called “Coffee Anan”, a sly dig at former UN SG Kofi Anan, using the Hebrew for “Coffee in the Clouds”

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