BBC Israel focus in numbers – June 2013

Below is the end-of-month count of articles appearing on the BBC News website’s Middle East page according to the countries/territories defined by the BBC as making up that region per the profiles on that page (but with the BBC category “Palestinian Territories” separated into the Gaza Strip and the PA controlled areas).

As in previous months (March, April and May), the count relates to three categories of articles – headline, non-headline and features – with the total representing both the appearance of a report and the number of days it stayed up on the site. 

June 13 ME articles

As has been the case since we began this monthly count, Syria understandably once again received the most BBC coverage throughout June, with Iran – where elections took place – coming second. In third place came Egypt, which continues to experience considerable unrest and in fourth place was Iraq where – as was the case last month too – sectarian violence continues to dominate the news. 

Despite the departure of two members of the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau at the end of May, Israel still managed to come in fifth in terms of coverage. Nevertheless, that is an improvement on March and April, when Israel came second only to Syria. 

The rise in comparison with previous months of the number of reports relating to events in the Palestinian Authority controlled areas is largely due to coverage of Rami Hamdallah’s appointment to – and subsequent resignation from – the post of PA prime Minister during the month of June. The majority of BBC reporting from the Gaza Strip in June related to the ‘Arab Idol’ TV reality show. 

16 comments on “BBC Israel focus in numbers – June 2013

  1. ” Israel still managed to come in fifth in terms of coverage. ”

    The fact that the Israel /Palestine debate is the most protracted and important in the world given the history and potential to be the centre of WW3 …does this in anyway suggest that maybe they have got it pretty much right ?

    Another article that makes you wonder if somebody has written it because they have some spare time rather than anything to say.

    • “….. potential to be the centre of WW3 …”
      China, Russia, India, Pakistan, North & South Korea, Iran all have significantly more “potential”, than does Israel/Palestine.

      Unless like you and the BBC, one is obsessed with covering and misrepresenting I/P.

    • …and another dumb-ass ill-informed posting c/o yourself, which causes the reader to postulate a remarkably similar theory about you…….

  2. “….Israel /Palestine debate………..potential to be the centre of WW3……..”

    Definitely an asinine comment, just as much as the BBC is asinine.

    • “Has BBCWatch perhaps made an impact?”

      Hard to say.There are many other groups intent on painting Israel as a top tourist destination where the most moral army in the world is liberally dealing with dissent so BBCWatch uncovering a plot to talk about Arab Idol on a few occasions is maybe not as ” on the pulse ” as you might wish.

      • Well, it’s clearly made some impact with you….unless, of course, the compelling urge you seem to feel to post your drivel with such monotonous frequency (on a site you then CLAIM to find unimportant and uninteresting) is simply a result of a sad and desperate need to attract some attention…any attention… to yourself.

  3. Very important research and assessment, Hadar.

    • NB. What about BBC coverage of the Turkish troubles, which should push its Israel coverage into 6th place? Proper journalists take the view that UK and US governments are ignoring the Turkish crisis at their peril and that it is reshaping the Western relationship with the Middle East. See this article, by Claire Belinski:

      • And yesterday the whole of Egypt appears to have exploded with protest demonstrations against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, with at least four people dead.

        • ” yesterday the whole of Egypt appears to have exploded ”

          Another reason to look more closely at Israel. If she could come to terms with the Palestinians and take advantage of the new mood in Egypt she could make the leap and be at peace with the Muslim world.

          However is she a real partner for peace?

          • The net result of BBC’s fixation on Israel is to brainwash the public into thinking that whatever problems have “Israel” in their name have to be solved first. You, sir, are an excellent example of the results of such journalistic malpractice.

  4. I agree with Duvid – your research and this chart, really does give a perspective to the BBC coverage of I/P. Great job Hadar.

  5. The ranking assumes that the 10 Golan Heights items and the 17 PA items are not about Israel too…

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