‘We are not as musical as the BBC’

Here is another BBC-related gem from the Palestine Post archives, dating from March 11th 1946:

PP March 11 1946

2 comments on “‘We are not as musical as the BBC’

  1. The British penchant for understatement long ago turned into a snobbery which may prove their undoing when they misjudge the worth of people who are not similarly afflicted. Barnyard chickens also rank themselves in a pecking order. What gives anyone the right to moral superiority over Trotsky or Rumkovsky? I think that the Palestine Post’s Agronsky was enjoying sniggering at the hopeless Mandatory folks.

  2. Superb. Duvidl wishes he had known that night editor. He or she has the BBC’s fatuous malevolence down to a tee in one short sentence.

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