BBC: We’ve Never Heard Netanyahu Say What We’ve Reported He Said

“On BBC World Service’s Newshour today [August 2nd, 2013], correspondent Lyse Doucet interviewed Israeli President Shimon Peres. 

During the interview, a soft-spoken Doucet peppered Peres with questions clearly meant to cast Israel as disinterested in peace. In the process, the interviewer also misled readers with an erroneous claim about the Israeli Prime Minister.

After asking Peres whether he believes Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is a partner for peace and listening to Peres reply in the affirmative, Doucet asserted: “And yet we’ve never heard Mr. Netanyahu describe him as a partner for peace.” “

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Also on August 2nd, viewers of BBC television news saw a filmed interview with Shimon Peres conducted by Doucet. 

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In that report Doucet promotes the standard BBC mantras of “time running out” for peace and “illegal settlements”, stating that:

“Settlements are still a major obstacle. Building on occupied land in the West Bank is regarded as illegal under international law.”

She also claims:

“But recent Israeli government figures show construction is now at a seven-year high.”

As readers will no doubt remember, that throw-away claim is based on a June 2013 press release from the politically motivated NGO ‘Peace Now’ which the BBC showcased at the time. As BBC Watch showed at the time, that claim is based on a very partisan interpretation of partial statistics.  

So, as we see, even items ostensibly about Israel’s nonagenarian president becomes a vehicle for the quotidian promotion of the BBC’s politically motivated narrative. 

5 comments on “BBC: We’ve Never Heard Netanyahu Say What We’ve Reported He Said

  1. Why hasn’t the BBC’s anti-Israel chief Jeremy Bowen done the interview with the President of Israel himself, replete with the shotgun pellet in his leg from reporting the murderous Egyptian riots? Answer: It is the BBC’s version of a snub, like sending a cub reporter from the Yorkshire Herald and Advertiser to interview the Queen. At least it deserves a verse from Duvidl:

    Jerry’s favour to Lyse Doucet,
    Bowen’s fully brainwashed beebette,
    Sent to interview Peres, Lyse
    Has British Jew-haters to please.
    Assigning Lyse? Why, we can bet
    That Lyse Doucet is Bowen’s “pet.”

  2. Yes, the building on occupied land in the West Bank is always “regarded” as illegal in these reports. Notice they don’t come out and say it is, because they can’t, but they can certainly get their audience to think it is with their snake oil salesman pitch.

  3. Mr. Crockett: I know this British wreck from her days in Israel, when she was the REZIDENT BBC correspondent. Few liked her, often during news events one could hear derisive remarks from members of the media saying things that she could not get or hear, than she was rather fat-twice her size, one time I recall an event at the Hyatt, E.J’M being greeted by a colleague, it was snide and contemptuous. She had no idea who i was and I could not be bothered shaking her hands or even greeting her, knowing what scum-bags the BBC types are no matter where one goes. I have been in their companies in 4 continents during 30 years of work and I am glad that I never run into them again, water is expensive, shower once a day i enough?

    She is not a second hand car sales person, she is pretty senior there, an old Socialist from the days of Karl Marx. Mr. Bowen is simply a persona none-grata. I have been around him and his colleagues as well. He will not know who I am but I know him and my colleagues over there know enough of him.

    Those who read the various documents signed by the cruel and nasty British mandate (talk about “Occupation”) regarding the future of Palestine, know that there was never any single piece of document that made Jews or Israeli residents-citizens unable to live in their ancestral homeland. What ever happened during the days of the rotten Turks is a bit of a history by now, but they were never the ultimate arbiters. I have been in about 80% of all settlements from the Sinai, Gaza and the West Bank. I am not sure that the expansion was helpful but I have my doubts if it is illegal. Nobody who woe uniform in 1967 thought that we were going to liberate the West bank for subsidized duplexes fro orthodox Jews who will not serve in the IDF. In retrospect, this entire history is so bizarre one wonders how we slouched into this mad trip.

    What upsets the squalid drekkers like Ducett, Bowen and the nasty Alan Johnston, the resident Queen in Gaza, who was kidnapped and may have been raped as well, during captivity, as is the custom, was the fact that the BBC could not make a dent no matter how ugly and hysterical their stories came out. All their lies, all the scandals they reported just did not matter. Beyond the phony affluence, the glitz from overseas money Britain is in the toilet, few care about what they say or do, few even know what and if they do very much so they have no bearing on events. Can anybody in England really claim that the U.K has influence anywhere? Nobody cares what she writes, how nasty her takes come out and how many lies are embedded and implied in each sentence she utters.

    they cannot even comprehend the look on Bibi s face when he faces them, as Menahem Begin once said: I will treat you with the contempt that you deserve!

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