BBC’s Ward article amended

h/t @Lsorang

Just over two weeks ago we reported here on the partial upholding by the BBC Trust of a complaint made with regard to the wording of one of the BBC’s articles concerning the offensive remarks made by David Ward MP back in January.

At the time we noted:

“Despite the complaint made by @Lsorang having been partially upheld by the BBC Trust, sadly, at the time of writing, no amendment has been made to the still available online article to reflect that fact.”

Well, better late than never – as they say. We are pleased to be able to report that the headline of the article concerned (which previously read “David Ward MP ‘sorry’ over Israel criticism”) now reads as follows:

Ward after correction

The article now has the following footnote which includes a link to the Trust decision: 

footnote Ward article

4 comments on “BBC’s Ward article amended

  1. “Well, better late than never – as they say.” Duvidl would substitute “Too little; too late.” This is the bad grace of a corrupt organisation as judge in its own cause. “Better late than never ” would be to break up the BBC now.

  2. “Better late than never ” would be to break up the BBC now.

    How true. The whole BBC editorial management needs to be scrapped out like a partly rotten apple and new centrist people brought in the fill the vacated places.

    The umbilical cord to The Guardian propaganda platform needs to severed for once and for all to complete the cleansing.

    • Great idea, but unlikely. Only the threat of an end to subsidy – i.e., the Licence Fee – will shake the BBC out of it’s complacency and arrogance, and there are too many reasons for any government not to cancel the licence fee of a public service broadcaster.

      Having said that, the number of people who don’t have tvs and thus are not paying licence fees is growing. This situation might solve itself.

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