Inaccuracy corrected in one BBC Rouhani article, left standing in another

Readers may remember that earlier this month we noted here that the BBC News website had presented remarks made by Iran’s new president at an Al Quds Day march in such a way that audiences would understand Rouhani’s description of “an old wound on [the] Islamic world” to refer exclusively to areas which came under Israeli control after the 1967 war, rather than to Israel itself – as Rouhani in fact intended. 

Via ‘Elder of Ziyon we now learn that the article has been amended. The original headline read “Iran’s Rouhani calls Israel occupation ‘old wound’ on Islamic world” and the strap-line stated that:

“Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rouhani has denounced Israeli occupation of Palestinian areas as an “old wound on the body of the Islamic world”.”

The amended headline now reads “Iran’s Rouhani calls Israel ‘old wound’ on Islamic world” and the strap-line says:

“Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rouhani has called Israel an “old wound on the body of the Islamic world”.”

Rouhani article amended headline

At the bottom of the article appears the following footnote:

correction Rouhani article

However, another article which – as we noted at the same time – exhibits the same inaccuracy, has yet to be amended.

other Rouhani article not corrected

Of course the vast majority of people who read the original inaccurate version of this story will not search for it again over two weeks later to see if by any chance an amendment has been made.

As we have remarked here before, it really is time that the BBC News website – like many quality newspapers – included a dedicated page of daily updates of corrections so that members of the public can easily make themselves aware of errors and inaccuracies previously read on that website. 

6 comments on “Inaccuracy corrected in one BBC Rouhani article, left standing in another

  1. Interesting that the article still has August 2nd as its Last Updated date, though it was amended on August 19th. And, true to form, the correction comes at the bottom of the page.

    Well, I guess for the BBC that’s an heroic effort at transparency.

  2. I read you saying that “Iran has denied Israel’s right to exist since 1979″in one of your links. Given that this is a site purporting to be accurate I would be interested in the details. Firstly just leaving it as “Iran ” is a very unhelpful . Especially when many claim Iran is building WMD seems an encouragement to attack the “Iranians ” rather than some government minister.

    Secondly language is very important. As you know Ahmadnejads statement about ” “the regime occupying Jerusalem” was translated ( virtually) into ” I will personally drop a bomb on Tel Aviv ha ha ha ” by some.

    Thirdly the expression “Right to exist “is just such a Zionist one and we all know the problem is post 67 settlements rather than any “right to exist” It is just unlikely that any Iranian would cater for such an enemy by using one of their phrases.

    If you are going to translate Farsi please include the original so we can translate it ourselves.. No disrespect .

    • You mean instead of insisiting that Israel would be wiped from the map Ahmadinejad was simply expressing the opinion that Israel would fade, in the normal course of events, from the pages of time, with no intervention from the terrorist regime in Teheran?

      I suppose next you’ll say that when Khamenei said, Israel is a cancer that must be cut out and will be cut out he was praising the expertise of Israeli surgeons.

      Nobody is fooled. The Iranian mullahs and their supporters are a despicable bunch, terrorising their own citizens and exporting terrorism worldwide. Ahmadinejad held a Holocaust denial conference, inviting the worlds’ worst anti-Semites. Apart from their verbal threats against Israel, the mullahs are actively working for Israel’s destruction by arming, training and funding Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezbollah for their murderous attacks on Israeli civilians.

      But do carry on playing little games with semantics.

    • You are more than one and able to talk in Farsi?? Taking in account your defence of the antisemitic regime in Iran, it might be.

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