Have your say: the BBC Trust wants to know what you think

Via the Daily Telegraph we learn that: 

“The BBC Trust has launched the latest in a series of audience consultations to establish whether the corporation’s news output is living up to its public service commitments.

It has now announced the investigation will encompass its flagship news and current affairs programmes, including Radio 4’s Today programme, Panorama, Question Times, Newsnight and the Daily Politics.

It will also investigate the BBC website’s news section, Radio 1’s Newsbeat and bulletins across television and radio.

A spokesman confirmed the review will “particularly focus” on what audiences think about the quality and distinctiveness of BBC news and current affairs, and how to deal with changing viewing habits.”

The consultation will run from September 16th to December 13th 2013 and there are various ways to take part – see details here.  It covers television and radio programmes available in the UK as well as BBC Online and social media – in other words, the consultation does not include the BBC World Service. 

An opportunity definitely not to be wasted.

34 comments on “Have your say: the BBC Trust wants to know what you think

  1. I hope that BBC will share which listener comments they found revealing and unexpected – helpful in making changes which they are going to take seriously and permanently. It may show itself to be offering a new kind of journalism that is free to acknowledge that there are other legitimate opinions or explanations.

  2. Pity they aren’t including the World Service. I’ve been a captive audience of that propaganda channel for several years and consider myself qualified to comment on it.

    Of course some World Service programmes are also broadcast elsewhere on the BBC and the overall bias is similar. But since they are aiming this consultation at licence payers, that doesn’t include me because I wouldn’t pay it even if I were British.

    Come to think of it, Brits who don’t pay it should be cautious about taking part in this consultation because they might subsequently find some heavies at their door insisting on collecting the BBC tax.

    I hear that Peter Horrocks is head of the World Service. He’s due for another e-mail from me. I want to know whether the news that the latest US killer had converted to Buddhism made Horrocks’ staff breathe a sigh of relief and then celebrate.

  3. Unless the BBC protection racket in a deal with the FOI commissioner is rescinded there is no point to yet another enquiry that will be dumped side by side with the Balen Report in the bowels of its archive, secreted away from licence fee stakeholders on a false premise that revelations concerning journalism art and literature will adversely influence output.

  4. BBC News 24 is tedious because they always play a video loop of the main story, which frequently does not change from hour to hour. There should be some real attempt to re-format and slim down the same news if it is to be repeated in a second bulletin, and it would be good if they included more LOCAL UK news in their bulletins when the main story has no updates, so at least the viewer can see something new. This is why I hate watching BBC News bulletins which are close together in time – no attempt made at variation, and oh, those endless video loops. 😦 Thank God for Sky News.

  5. Very weird to think The World Service is propaganda. Says a lot about this column.
    BBC brilliant overall and very fair to Israel, I may say often at the expense of balance.

    • Rather, your blindness says a lot about you.

      The World Service was funded for years by the Foreign Office, and took the line from that bunch of Jew haters.

      If you think the BBC is fair to Israel, I suggest you actually read some of the entries on this blog. I’d be entertained by your factual rebuttals.

      Come on, we’re all ears…

      • I think you’ll find loads of significant staff who worked/work for the Foreign Office are staunch Friends of Israel- check it out. You can easily find who they are.

        • Jennifer Bell:

          I think you’ll find loads of significant staff who worked/work for the Foreign Office are staunch Friends of Israel- check it out. You can easily find who they are.

          Friends of Israel? A few years back there was that character from the Foreign Office who expressed hatred for Israel or Jews or both at a gym. I don’t recall him being condemned by his colleagues.

          But we’re going on a bit of a tangent here. I was talking specifically about the World Service. Their ‘journalists’ positively loath Israel.

        • Your ignorant comment was about the BBc World Service, not the Foreign Office.

          The FO is full of Orientalists, and has been for a very long time (hence British support for enemies of Israel, from the British officered Arab Legion, the refusal to let Jews into Palestine when they were trying to flee from the Nazis, leading to the deaths of more than we could count, and the ongoing arms sales to despotic Israel haters like Saudi Arabia. You are either completely brainwashed, or wilfully ignorant.

    • So Jennifer Bell, please send me links to the brilliant fair to Israel articles and broadcasts that are usually at the expense of balance. As far as I can ascertain your knowledge of this arena is a little scant if not biased against Israel, I am not sure how you would know any of this.

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  7. I filled in their questionnaire and sent it off. I wonder if they will make public the full results or whether any action will transpire as a result?

    Jennifer Bell, I’d be surprised to learn of the loads of significant staff who are staunch friends of Israel at the FCO. Please tell me how I can find out who they are.

    • I’d also be interested to see which journalists on the World Service are “fair” to Israel, as Jennifer Bell claims. She can’t mean Middle East ‘Editor’ Jeremy Bowen; even the BBC Trust grudgingly acknowledged his anti-Israel bias after a complaint.

      And she certainly cannot be talking about Barbara Tears-for-Arafat Plett.

    • All the FO government appointees are Friends of Israel. Google Conservative Friends of Palestine. Any one not there is likely to be a Friend of Israel from the PM down so stop being so paranoid all of you.
      There is a big difference from pointing out the faults of the Israeli government and being unfair. Anyone here fair to the Palestinians?
      Nobody “loathes” Israel but there has never been a Peace worth having that is not based on Justice. What is Just about not having a country of your own and having to live in a refugee camp? As for journalists look out for the ones that are not afraid to look the facts in the eye and check them (the facts) out for yourselves.
      Alistair Burt, Ivan Lewis, Liddington, Matthew Gould, new Jewish Envoy,are all routing for you so chill out. Kim Howells who used to work at the FO great F of I.
      And Sharon, dear, I don’t sleep at night so listen to the world service instead. You could do the same. I also read newspapers and listen to friends in Gaza and the West Bank and Israel too and try to make my own mind up- difficult but not impossible. I thought open minds and love of argument (not condemnation) were more in vogue than apparent in this blog. Long live Spinoza!
      Shakespeare would have agreed Arafat’s end deserved a tear or two from those whose hearts had not turned to stone.

      • Ha, so you watched Scharma too!!

        Jenny dear, when one lives under existential threat of genocide it is not about love of argument. We cannot afford that luxury as its not a dinner table intellectual chat or an Oxford Union debate. Check out with the Fogel family for a bit of reality.

        How on earth do you extrapolate that those who are not Friends of Palestine must be friends of Israel? Is it compulsory for MPs to be friends of something? Maybe they’re Friends of B’Hai or China!!! Or maybe friends of nothing.

        • It’s interesting to note that a group of “Conservative Friends of Palestine” does not exist, or maybe one started up and I didn’t notice.
          Can you name me one Conservative MP who would join if we started one?
          I’m just pointing out you have loads of powerful friends so you don’t need to be so touchy.
          My Palestinian friend who said hate is for crazy people is Muslim.
          You actually need to understand the Palestinians’ view point unless you want to live in fear,walled in, for the rest of your lives.
          Do you really think God gave you ALL the land?
          Don’t believe any one who says they never hate. It’s very catching.
          Maybe you’ll agree that violence breeds more violence.

          • Dumb or dumber- this is not about powerful friends (that J-H trope always reveals its bearer) – its about survival. Do you really think that if the Jews had all those powerful friends and were as influential as you claim that we would have dealt ourselves such a poor hand? Your lack of ability for reasoned logic is astonishing.

  8. All the FO government appointees are Friends of Israel. They are?! You mean that includes the one who was ranting and raving against Jews or Israel or both? With “friends” like that…

    Google Conservative Friends of Palestine. Any one not there is likely to be a Friend of Israel from the PM down….

    That argument is senseless. I’m likely to be run over by a bus the way the bus drivers nearby hurtle down the road. That doesn’t mean it will happen.

    Cameron does occasionally come out with what appears to be a strongly pro-Israel speech, but that depends on his audience. He’s also capable of trashing Israel – as he did while in Turkey during the Mavi Marmara incident.

    ….so stop being so paranoid all of you.

    Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get me.

    Nobody “loathes” Israel…Your friends in the West Bank and Gaza are obviously not telling you what they really think. Equally obviously, you have never watched Arab propaganda channels and seen the hatred they spew against the Jewish state.

    Alistair Burt, Ivan Lewis, Liddington, Matthew Gould, new Jewish Envoy,are all routing for you…

    I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Perhaps you meant rooting for you?

    Shakespeare would have agreed Arafat’s end deserved a tear or two from those whose hearts had not turned to stone.

    Now you are just being ridiculous. The death of a foul little terrorist is supposed to evoke compassion? How about some compassion for those Israelis he murdered?

    • Apologies for the spelling error.
      Sounds like you don’t need any lessons in hate either!
      Depends what the Israeli government do as to whether they get trashed or not.
      Loads of compassion for all who are murdered whether by gas, phosphorus, bullet or bomb or poison. We all bleed and morn our loved ones- oops sorry another spelling mistake.
      (Liked the joke about paranoia.)
      One of my Palestinian friends once told me “Hate is for crazy people”…..

        • His name is Arafat too. In his own orchard where his wife had been beaten up by settlers he told me that hate is for crazy people. He didn’t say he could not hate just that it makes you crazy so don’t go there.
          Many people are working for peace, Muslims, Jews and Christians and free thinkers.
          What the Palestinians have suffered gets forgotten. Some have very short memories as to how the settlers took over land and obliterated Palestinian villages for example. Who would like it? Some even deny it happened or are not interested in history. .Now the Bedhui are getting “moved out”, some of us think Israel should know better. Is that not strange?
          There seems to be an edict now that they cannot be given tents or humanitarian aid when their places are torn down. What has happened to Israel?

          • Who is the “we” Jenny? Are you leader of the umbrella organisation of ‘…..Friends of Palestinians’ that you can simply start up a Consvative one?

            Try speaking to one of the many very happy Arab citizens of Israel http://perspektivpaisrael.se/artiklar/interview-with-mohammad-zoabi.html

            Or to Mudar Zahran whose family come from Jrusalem and will tell you the opposite of what your so called friend Arafat tells you.

            Perhaps also you are unaware that an Arab coaxed his coworker to take a taxi ride with him this last week and took him to a place near Qalqilya and slaughtered him. Maybe you are not aware that until Arafat and Oslo Qalqilya was a thriving Arab town side by side with places like Kochav Yair where Jews and Arabs fraternised and lived in freedom.

            Or maybe you don’t like to recognise the amount of times Israel has taken a chance and given up land it legitimately conquered in war simply in the hope and prayer that maybe, just maybe the Arabs would finally understand the extended hand of peace. Perhaps you don’t understand the term Taqqiya which really means duplicity so Arab leaders may say one thing to the West, or even to you, whilst at the same time telling their people how all of Israel is rightfully theirs, with Abbas asking why he has to even agree to a TSS if the Israelis unilaterally give up land bit by bit anyway. The Israeli soldier accepted the hand of friendship from. Is Arab coworker and now he is murdered in cold blood. I don’t think any sane person can expect the Israeli nation to do that with an entire country.

            Sorry Jenny, I think your obvious bias is revealed by lack of knowledge. Please try to read across the board and not simply what suits your preconceived notion of what you would like to see occur. The world is full of people who change their minds in hindsight. Why don’t you try to be informed so you don’t need to re-evaluate your erroneous notions as unrolling facts prove you wrong?

          • “So called” friend Sharon? Surely I know who my friends are.
            I don’t expect you have any Palestinian friends. I used to be a conservative once and yes it would be easy to start such a group if there were enough conservatives to join one…but there aren’t. Too many business interests in Israel perhaps.
            If you did what you urge me to do, you might change your mind one day.
            What a laugh- you and me continuing this conversation but on the opposite side!
            I was sorry Sergeant Tomer Hazan was murdered and amazed to think his abductor could think he could exchange him for one of his friends in prison. He must have had some mental problem.
            Israel did so called “leave Gaza” but proceded to settle Israelis in the settlements the ICH calls illegal in the West Bank whilst keeping control of Gaza’s land sea and air and we can probably agree Gaza is now a prison filled with refugees with a diminishing economy, (not the fault of Hamas)
            Was Mudar Zahran chucked out of Jerusalem? Why do you think he hates Israel?
            It’s one thing to be a happy Arab citizen of Israel and another to be living under occupation.
            Second class citizens are not going to be happy bunnies.

          • Don’t try to dress up your bigotry as anything other than it is.

            Where is your concern for the Jewish refugees made from Arab countries?

            Are you happy with the PA’s official policy that every area it administers must be free of any Jew?


          • Someone has done a really good job on Jennifer Bell, who, she claims, used to be a “conservative” with a small ‘c’ but now spouts the uninformed rubbish about this conflict so typical of the bleeding-heart, useful idiots of the Palestinian-supporting left:

            I was sorry Sergeant Tomer Hazan was murdered and amazed to think his abductor could think he could exchange him for one of his friends in prison.

            She’s never heard of the Arabs exchanging Israelis, alive or dead, for hundreds of Arab terrorist prisoners? Such ignorance of the conflict is remarkable.

            And this, He must have had some mental problem is beyond ignorance. It’s a callous dismissal of what Israel has had to cope with from Arab terrorists for 65 years.

            Jennifer Bell is a bigot all right, trying to cover up her bigotry with the fake claim of having friends across the spectrum of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

      • Apologies for the spelling error.

        You’re forgiven, but don’t dare do it again.

        Sounds like you don’t need any lessons in hate either!

        Nah, I never hate. It generally just bounces off the hated and back onto the hater. And it’s bad for you to hate. You should train yourself up in simple logic. I didn’t say I hate Yasser Arafat (or his foul memory, rather) I indicated that I have no compassion for him. Spot the difference.

        Depends what the Israeli government do as to whether they get trashed or not.

        This is a widepread misconception. The hatred of Israel simply increases when Israel hits back to stop Arab terror against the Jewish state. The Arab world cannot tolerate the idea of Jews who can fight back.

        Did you know that Arab countries have undertaken a programme of ethnic cleansing of their Jewish citizens for the last 65-70 years that has been so wildly successful that only 1% of Jews remain in the Arab world and many Arab countries are now completely free of Jews?

        And note that these Jews were far from the theatre of war in Israel/Palestine, had nothing to do with that war and were singled out and driven from their homes and their countries, in most cases with only the shirts on their backs simply because they were Jews.

        A few years back a few BBC hacks were dragged, kicking and screaming, into their studio to do a programme on these Jewish refugees from Arab countries. The BBC host was most indignant at the idea that the plight of these Jews could in any way be regarded as comparable to the plight of her precious Palestinian refugees. “That’s not the same thing at all!” she declared, furious that someone was fiddling with the Palestinians’ exclusive claim to victimhood.

        And yes, the programme was on the World Service – you know, the one correctly described as a propaganda channel.

        (Liked the joke about paranoia.)

        Yes, it has a nice sting in its tail.

  9. BBC has become less of a reliable source for fair and balanced news coverage. I can see a lot of people are addressing issues with Israel and I absolutely understand why, as the BBC has notoriously been depicting Israel as the bad guy and Hamas as the misunderstood good guy. I know some people will say that statistics show that the BBC is not anti Israel but I have noticed in many articles and news presentations that depict Israel negatively, in the same way a magician uses slight of hand.

    • So true. BBC ‘journalists’ are masters at broadcasting their bias under cover of allegedly balanced and fair reporting.

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