One for Middle East watchers on BBC Two

A new three-episode BBC series titled “The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors” by former BBC correspondent Rageh Omaar started on Sunday October 6th 2013 on BBC Two.

“Rageh Omaar, who has reported from across this former empire, sets out to discover why the Ottomans have vanished from our understanding of the history of Europe. Why so few realise the importance of Ottoman history in today’s Middle East. And why you have to know the Ottoman story to understand the roots of many of today’s trouble spots from Palestine, Iraq and Israel to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Bosnia and Kosovo.”

The Ottomans promo

The first episode is available to UK-based readers for a limited period of time here

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  1. You omitted to comment that on the two occasions in the first film when a map of the modern middle east was shown, the word “Israel” was nowhere to be seen. Instead there were Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq etc —- Israel was not there but Palestine was depicted as comprising the area which is in fact made up of Israel, West Bank and Gaza.

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