BBC WS programme on women in military combat roles ignores one country

The synopsis of a BBC World Service radio programme titled “Women on the Frontline” which was broadcast on October 22nd 2013 informs audiences that its presenter Emma Barnett:

“…examines which countries in the world do allow women to serve, and contrasts the experiences of these three women to present a picture of life for women on the military front line.” [emphasis added]

Women on the Frontline BBC WS

Whilst the list of countries in which women serve in combat roles as provided by Barnett is extensive and numbers some fourteen states, the only country in which women are conscripted and in which 92% of positions are open to them is excluded from her list. 

10 comments on “BBC WS programme on women in military combat roles ignores one country

  1. I think there is absolutely no place for the BBC to hide on this blatant omission of Israel in this list. In any objective assessment, Israel should have been at the very top of the list, where the role of women in the military is hugely significant and important. The BBC cannot pretend that does filter, distort, omit open and objective facts. The BBC is openly and blatantly biased against Israel.

    • That’s precisely the problem, in post-war Intelligentsia Circles, like the sort that roam the halls of power at the BBC , critical objective thought processes are tantamount to Orwellian “thought crimes” for them.

  2. This is just mind-boggling! Has anyone gotten a response to the shock and complaints about this article from the BBC. What could they possibly say?! Disgusting.

  3. If they had they would have made up a story out of whole cloth how all IDF women are oppressed and sexually assaulted and they would spend 99% of their piece on the fate of one Arab female volunteer . Come on, you know they would.

  4. This leaves little room for doubt. Any favourable information about Israel is being suppressed or censored by the BBC. The demonization of Israel is in their DNA.

    We can only hope that there is a shake-up when the BBC’s charter is renewed, and the BBC is forced to be more transparent, objective and fair.

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