Impartiality fail as BBC promotes FOEME objections to Red-Dead Sea project

On December 9th an article titled “Mid-East governments sign Red Sea-to-Dead Sea water deal” appeared on the Middle East page of the BBC News website. 


Both the article itself and one of the recommended ‘related articles’ appearing as a link highlight the objections of ‘Friends of the Earth Middle East’ to this project.

“But critics fear the plan’s impact on the Dead Sea’s fragile ecosystem.”

“Environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth Middle East has called for an environmental study of how the brine from the desalination plant should be treated before the project begins in earnest, arguing it is unclear how brine from the Red Sea water will affect the Dead Sea’s ecosystem.” SONY DSC

The BBC report does not make it sufficiently clear to readers that considerable research has already been carried out, including a study of alternative options and a comprehensive environmental report. Neither does it sufficiently clarify the fact that the agreed project is in fact a pilot project involving relatively small volumes of water to be piped to the Dead Sea, which it has been established will not have a detrimental environmental impact, but which will enable further study of environmental factors.

If the BBC is going to highlight the issue of the project’s environmental aspects and amplify the concerns of FOEME, it should – in the interests of complying with its own editorial guidelines on impartiality – also provide audiences with details of additional professional points of view on that issue.

Meanwhile, BBC Watch looks forward to the long overdue removal of Martin Asser’s egregious “Obstacles to Peace:Water” article (see here and here) from the BBC News website in light of the innovations this joint Israeli/Jordanian/PA project will bring. 

2 comments on “Impartiality fail as BBC promotes FOEME objections to Red-Dead Sea project

  1. The dead sea is going to die anyway,nothing could kill it twice and the best study is the test project itself.

  2. The BBC is, has been and will probably always be Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish. They and many Brits fell in love with Lawrence of Arabia a million movie’s ago and that love affair continues. When last did a member of the British Royal Family visit Israel? When Superman was on his way from Krypton? Have they ever stopped to consider the well being of the world as a result of the Arab contribution as opposed to Israel’s contribution after 65 years whilst one third of it’s genius died in Nazi ovens. The BBC has been showing a program on the Kinder Transport. I know too much about the life many Jewish children suffered/enjoyed as a result of that program. Is it true that the British Government wanted a financial deposit as “Security” for every Jewish child that entered Britain on this program? Given Britain’s general history to the Jews and Israel, we pay them far too much attention. Prince Phillips mother of Blessed memory is a righteous Gentile. Her son has visited her grave ONCE on a private visit, lest anyone think he’s visiting Israel, in 70 years and more. What a wonderful people. May the influx of Islam to Britain speed up their education.

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