Nazi analogies and ‘apartheid’ defamation on BBC World ‘Have Your Say’ Facebook account

Here are the BBC’s house rules for its ‘Have Your Say’ comments boards. They include the following:

“No defamatory comments. A defamatory comment is one that is capable of damaging the reputation of a person or organisation. If successfully sued you could be held liable for considerable damages and costs.”

“Do not incite people to commit any crime, including incitement of racial hatred.”

“Do not post messages that are unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, homophobic or racially offensive.”

Here is a page (still available on the internet) from the BBC World ‘Have Your Say’ programme’s Facebook account which invites the public to comment under the heading “We’re live speaking to a cross-section of people in Israel, including the settler community. What would you like to ask them?“. The solicited responses – which have remained in public view since December 2012 – include those below.








The BBC’s editorial guidelines on “Moderation, Hosting, Escalation and User Management” state that:

“There must be a named individual in the relevant Division to take responsibility for user contributions, just as for BBC content. They should ensure that the space maintains appropriate overall standards of moderation, hosting and user management. “


“Every online space where user contributions are published must be moderated to remove illegal and inappropriate content, it must have appropriate user management, and it should normally have a host to provide a visible and active presence.”

Clearly the system defined in that guidance is not working sufficiently well if antisemitic Nazi analogies and defamatory ‘apartheid’ slurs remain on a BBC message board for over a year. 

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18 comments on “Nazi analogies and ‘apartheid’ defamation on BBC World ‘Have Your Say’ Facebook account

  1. If propaganda is what the news media publish , then the lies and defamation are seen as the truth so it becomes mainstream and is not seen as defamatory .

  2. Ha ha ha Emanual – got any kids at school these days? Look at the geography text book for GCSE and see the propaganda and muddled thinking in that far left wing Sheffield type publication the kids are having screwed down their throats!

  3. Aparthide is the big lie israel haters like to describe Israel with.That is why we have a problem with the likes of you lying about it.

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  5. and again….

    Dear Readers of this blog,

    Please regard critically the ‘sources’ that Mr Bio has posted. Question whether providing sources that:

    1) come from clearly partisan individuals who are

    2) not independently recognised as qualified experts in the field of political science / history/ law and

    3) contain no First Hand (original) research and

    4) are nothing more than ‘opinions’

    are really the types of sources that you’d be likely to trust as not have #an agenda#.

    I mean, really?

    This Bio must think you’re idiots to not see through these ‘sources’.

    How about some human rights organisations? How about some general assembly motions? how bout some International Criminal Court rulings?

    ANYTHING that doesn’t come from his grandmothers ‘pro-Zionism’ blog!

    This man fails to realise that criticising the massacre of Palestinian civilians is not the same as wishing for all Jews to be exterminated! Nor is in the latter by the back door!

    He has no ‘opinion’ on the 4.5 million Palestinian living in Gaza and the West Bank – ever wondered why not? Why not ask him to share his thoughts, other posters….

    Jeeeeze…I tell you, this is Cameron’s Britain all-right!

      • My sources again, perhaps this time you’ll take the trouble to actually R E A D them:

        Eugene Rostow is the former US Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs.? He played a leading role in drafting Resolution 242, which many cite as the basis for Israel/Arab peace agreements.? Mr. Rostow, before he died, always claimed that Resolution 242 is still binding, and that this resolution gives the Jews the full right to live within the West Bank and Gaza:

        …the Jews have the same right to settle there as they have to settle in Haifa. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip were never parts of Jordan, and Jordan’s attempt to annex the West Bank was not generally recognized and has now been abandoned. The two parcels of land are parts of the Mandate that have not yet been allocated to Jordan, to Israel, or to any other state, and are a legitimate subject for discussion.

        The international community has thrown around the expression “international law” and “Palestinian rights” in discussing the issue of Israeli settlement, but few have actually looked at the law and the opinions of the lawmaker, upon which these statements are based.? It is clear that the drafters of Resolution 242 were not banning Israeli settlement in the West Bank and Gaza.? Anybody who argues this fact hasn’t read the laws or surveyed the opinions upon which the resolutions were made.

        This link: contains the following sources:

        Lord Caradon, then the United Kingdom Ambassador to the UN and the key drafter of the resolution (242)

        Arthur J. Goldberg,5 the U.S. Ambassador to the UN in 1967 and a key draftee of Resolution 242

        Professor, Judge Schwebel, a former president of the International Court of Justice

        Professor Julius Stone, a leading authority on the Law of Nations

        Read what they actually say.

        As to your insulting comment, “ANYTHING that doesn’t come from his grandmothers ‘pro-Zionism’ blog!”

        That’s not a nice way to refer to Hadar Sela.

        My own grandmother suffered at the hands of the Nazis in Riga, Latvia, may she rest in peace and may you be damned in hell!

        • I don’t believe you, just like I don’t believe you’re Jewish or that you are an “international lawyer” or any of the other false claims you’ve made on this blog.

          Please stop lying and wasting everybody’s time here.

          Yes, I’m 65 years old, which I’d guess is at least 50 years older than you.

          I don’t claim any kind of superiority but I’m still waiting for you to give us a source to your claim that the Irgun bombed more than one hotel, or for you to give us your opinion of Arab terrorism which deliberately targets the elderly, women and children.

        • 4.5 under siege and blockade? in the west bank? not that your numbers are true but for the sake of argument. Palestiain agreed in Oslo to have area A+B under their rule. 90% of the Paletisnian live in those areas . so what siege and blocade are you talking about. As for Gaza? they do have a border with Egypt who treat them much worse than Israel

        • My reply to you was regarding your rude, and quite frankly sick comment; “ANYTHING that doesn’t come from his grandmothers ‘pro-Zionism’ blog!”.

          The rest of your insane rambling doesn’t even merit me reading it, much less responding to it

          I’m still waiting for you to give us a source to your claim that the Irgun bombed more than one hotel…

        • For your information, and not that’s any of your business, my “Villa in Spain” is a small apartment!

          Where’s your sympathy for the elderly, women and children murdered in cold blood by Arab terrorists in Israel? I’ve asked you before but you refuse to answer that very simple question.

          I’m still waiting for you to give us a source to your claim that the Irgun bombed more than one hotel, or for you to give us your opinion of Arab terrorism which deliberately targets the elderly, women and children.

          And while you’re at it an apology to Hadar for referring to her as my “grandmother” would be in order, although I won’t hold my breath…

        • “you’ve been alive for 65 years, had experience of family tragedy, yet offer no empathy…”

          That old “you of all people” argument!

          How low can you get, you sad, sick excuse for a human being!

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